E1 2017 Thanks

Big thank you to PD for the event. Still recovering from everything that happened but wanted to say thank you before I forgot.


Thanks to everyone - logistical people, refs and so on as always, and the Synod team for all their work to make the absolute blast of a game I’ve had function, especially through a horrible blurry IC/OC divide issue with motions 1 through 18 on Saturday morning.

But in particular: plot writers, thankyou! NPCs, thankyou! the Symposium visitors were fantastic. Blutsauger Wargan and Hilda from the Commonwealth, in particular, were a fantastically-played example of a very different culture to the Empire, which shares some ideals and some seeds of major diplomatic incidents. “What is ‘egregore’?” is going to be one of my LARP highlight reel moments for a long time.

The NPC crew played them beautifully. All my thanks!


Thank you to Waz (?) on the GOD desk’s super-complicated-queries table, and to the rest of the team who handled us up until that point; being told people didn’t realise the computers could do the thing they’d done could easily have destroyed my weekend given my OOC Brainweasels, but because you’re all lovely it was only a minor hiccup.

You are awesome people- I hope some of God got the mead I left… you overly earns it

Shout out to whoever was playing the Grendel symposium representative who I threw people towards, you were great and have helped make my game even though I never met you :smiley:


The person who played the Axos rep at the symposium did a fantastic job - absolute top-notch with what can’t have been an easy brief. So many great NPCs, but I think that was my highlight.

Thanks to the game team who ran my spooky ritual on Saturday night. David Young (?) was very spooky and definitely did me a frighten. I was completely unsettled after that.

WORTH IT. 10/10 would spooky again.