E2 2015 froth thread

It’s rare for me to be the first to create a froth thread but I decided that my memory is awful (I am nothing without my book) so the sooner I dump my thoughts incoherently on a page the fewer I will forget.

I’m not going to do any negative things, mainly because there wasn’t anything that ruined the event for me so why linger on it. Plus I’m still feeling all warm and glowy after getting a hit of woodsmoke smell after unpacking a box. :wink:

I’m really starting to get a handle on how I’m going to address Agnieszka’s work-life balance. She is way off achieving it of course, but she has a plan and that means her keen for her job (and my keen for my character) is back up and running.

I’m loving being able to go to camps and know that I have friends there, that I have colleagues that I can rely on, and that people come to me to ask if they can help. My main goal for this event was to try and stay in Varushka for more than a few minutes at a time and to really try to get to know my own nation, and while there is still plenty of work to do on this front it is definitely happening. Yes!

I’m staggered that some of my goals for this character are on the path to coming true, and that she’s seriously getting a handle on her faith and starting to feel like she’s not just some country girl play acting at being a priest in the big city. I’m not quite keeping up OC (so much info to learn!!) but it feels good IC.

Skirmish! I went on one! Eerie voices telling me to not trust the Navaar, eerie voices telling the Navaar not to trust Varushka… but we stood fast and did not let them divide us. Except that one guy. Aga hasn’t been so angry in a while. I’m glad someone else got to him first. Once the anger passed we could at least say that we were united in abject rage at the Navaar in question. It did make me somewhat antisocial (OC apologies to people I wouldn’t talk to) but I got over it once I discovered:

Eternals invading the Hall of Worlds! I may not have actively been there – I started to help but quickly knew that my skillset would just get me in the way – but holy crap, spiders invading sounded terrifying and an amazing thing.

Tournament! I got beaten into the floor by Chernabog (may his soul pass quickly through the Labyrinth)! Best one-on-one comedy pairing ever. I don’t think I disgraced myself, but regardless I’m glad I did it.

OK, I found a sad thing – loss of Chernabog. That is sad. He died as he would have wished, defending his Empire, but it is always sad to lose such a huge character.

My body not falling apart! Solid ground, decent boots and enough food. Thank you to my family who always made sure there was some left and my husband who both brought me food while I was at the Hub and a coat when I was somewhere near the Tavern. I think. I was somewhere, and I was busy, and it was dark. I still appreciate it.

Wonderful roleplay into the early hours of Monday morning, including the simple pleasure of blowing into a fire and watching it glow with a fellow naga. purrs

Telling someone some information, to have them, unasked, solve the problem and lay the solution [figuratively] at my feet. I was genuinely touched.

Talking of gifts, my beautiful white flower from an Urizen colleague. Aga still doesn’t quite understand why people see her as wise but boy, does she appreciate the compliments.

Tent-shrine! I put it up by Sunday afternoon! I even sat in it and had at least one Virtue conversation! OK, OK so perhaps it wasn’t the success I hoped but this is just the start of the Listening Tent. The idea can grow when the time is right.

Family. I may not hang out with you much but I love that I can come in and be part of you without you ever making me feel guilty about abandoning you so much. Thank you.

Gatekeepers. We have a tough job, especially when distracted by plot!things that happen all around us, but we will do it.

Team Courage! We will do the things! Especial thanks to Courage Assembly members who spend ages doing research into what turns out to be nothing more than a rather gifted bard. Hey, I learned some new stuff… and boy did it make me laugh.

Team Varushkan Assembly. We are going to unite and conquer. Or something. But we are certainly going to do something. And at this rate we will be in every position of power in the Synod by about 381YE. fist bump

Empire reminding me that I am actually a capable woman, I can do stuff, and if I can do it IC I can do it OC. Go me.

Thankyou to everyone who has interacted me, especially those who spend so much of their IC time to help me out with so many things. I apologise to those I may have not had as much time for as I wish I could, and to those who I know tried to find me and weren’t able to. Keep trying.

/╲/\╭ ☉ ﹏ ☉ ]╮/\╱\ ︵ ┻━┻

that is all.


Crap bits:

  • People cheating and arguing with refs on skirmishes and battles.

Good times:

  • Actually making the event despite real life and spending a nice weekend with someone special. xx
  • OMFG being a Reckoners Guild is amazing! Last event was pretty slow with only getting 2 jobs. This event was epic, lots of League jobs and then people from other nations hearing of our exploits offering work including a Herald!!! :smiley:
  • Completing the above mentioned jobs very quickly and getting more meant we were super busy.
  • Nerd mage club at GOD every morning. Sorry we always went early and started the que.
  • PD efficiency and fun times with nerd mage club.
  • Night magic being the best magic.
  • Giving back, weapons check, battle and skirmish ref job is much fun and very rewarding. Having the perspective from this it is really nice to say that battle safety is really improving with some really nice moments especially in the second battle. Sadly tarnished a little by some mis-understandings of rule and some out right cheating.
  • The Sarvos dock style ritual next to the bin by the back door of the tavern. Still making me laugh inside.

Urizen – as a nation, you all just continue to excel.
Auric Horizon – My wonderful group. I was particularly amused that this event we just cast a moderately powerful ritual off the cuff with whoever was round the dinner table, right then and there. The level to which magic utterly permeates what we do.
Managing to get the camp up and running on Friday!
CURED! Serpent’s Stones! Consuming a power source thankfully smaller than my head! Getting a chunk of Urizen to witness then suffering severe Poise Failure when undergoing the agonising return to health. MASSIVE THANKS to all of the Night Covens of Urizen! And massive thanks to PD for taking that plot and doing fun things with it :slight_smile:
Team Summer. The many and varied Summer covens continue to hit it out the park. Continuing to throw mana and goodies at Summer covens like I’m some sort of dispenser machine is fun.
Challenge! Finally got a challenger for the position which very nicely shook things up and forced some solid realisations. Also that small part of Corvus going ‘at least if I lose then I can have a Virtues-damned holiday at last’ :slight_smile:
Timely food delivery in Conclave.
Conclave in general was pretty good, especially the momentous decision of Interdicting the Imperial Crown.
The Arhallogen Herald attack. Chaos in the Conclave! It only took 2 years for my warning to bring weapons to Conclave to be proven right… :wink:
The Iron Duke’s challenge. This bastard of a political challenge was, fortunately, set for a bastard of a politician and I managed to pull it off! Also making that oath before all of Conclave without any particular hesitation.
Having to check to see if Luke was anywhere nearby whenever I was discussing That Herald Whose Name We Can’t Say with the Shattered Tower.
The grand strategy meeting. Surprisingly decent!
Nearly dying twice. Close shaves get the blood pumping!
Corvus deciding that the Bound King’s threat didn’t matter because he was willing to pay the price in defence of the Empire. Having that slightly fatalistic sense for a bit that, after surviving repeatedly being poisoned and attacked, Corvus had basically signed his own death warrant for the greater good and he was okay with that.
Then getting to send a very Urizen version of ‘screw you’ to the Bound King after getting cured.
Actually being relaxed after the Conclave of the Challenge, and ending up sitting round campfires talking to people until pretty much dawn. A pleasant change from usual!
Jarm-related plot and Past Life Vision stuff meaning my wife had a great time as the Jarmish Ambassador to the Empire.
Battles! Very Urizen Tactics! The skirmish - “Orc scout sighted!” “Corvus, you’re seeing shadows.” “No, REALLY, there is an orc scout over there!” Then Grendel everywhere!
Using battle magic that has addictive side effects. I need to check with Plot about using that particular power on all those Arhallogen Heralds…
Many Other Things!

Getting the camp up on Friday rather than having had the Thursday run-up meaning that one group member who puts so much work into the camp basically ended up needing to drop out to recover.
Having my post-event crash pretty much immediately after time-out so that I was no-where near as helpful as I could have been during take-down, including nearly passing out in my tent at one point.
Think I fractured a toe.
Got some sunburn.
A slight sense that some of the plot is running ~an event behind where we actually are, like the Herald who asked me to do something I’d already done the prior event :slight_smile: Not really a ‘bad’ so much as having to adapt to that slight time lag.
One bit of one particular plot-line that is annoying me because it doesn’t really make all that much sense to me. This may well just be because I am not in possession of all the info, and it’s certainly making game, which is good, but it’s hard not to feel some irritation.

Really, I can’t think of anything to go here. This event was great in a different way to E1; the absolute ideal event would be a sorta combo of all the great stuff from E1 and E2 :slight_smile:

I had a True Liao vision, and it was excellent. No earth-shattering revelations, no obviously important plot, just a family reunion, wherein the PLV team quietly and gradually traumatised me with pictures of my dead children, the imminent death of my wife, and the disappointment I’d been to everyone. A++ would weep again.

Strike negotiations. I didn’t get stuck into this the way I’d have liked, but that meant I kept getting thrown cues by other people who were working hard on resolving the strike, and making snap decisions about how to roll with that.

Bonding with a political and romantic rival over our mutual cowardice and orphan issues.

Being just a little bit too enthusiastic about my proxy and how excellent she is, which I’m sure will not have any political or personal repercussions.

An eternal working very very hard not to call me “sparkly”. I spent the rest of the event grinning about how said eternal had very nearly called me “sparkly”, and then got OC confirmation from the physrep that “sparkly” was exactly the word being avoided. I have glued sequins to my face and it has been good for my political career.

I used my songbook! I sang from my songbook! I showed someone a song I wrote referencing their PLV and they had an emotional reaction!

The delicacy of Briar prejudice, and how my character’s approach of carefully not calling people briars if they appear to be avoiding that statement themselves completely backfired and made her sound completely bigoted at least twice.

Standing in the Hall of Worlds as Conclave got attacked by giant poisonous angry spiders, and refusing to leave despite being completely unarmed and unarmoured and having no useful spells.

THAT DECLARATION oh dear. IC I’m terrified. OC I’m delighted, because there is potential for hilarious magical fallout plot and either way there is game.

Waiting nervously for my PLV, and the way “you’ll be fine” was repeatedly not reassuring, but “after the screaming and the exorcisms, you will eventually be fine” very much was.

Walking into the Dawnish glory square and making a loudly public declaration which I’m sure will have a variety of consequences.

Highly public insult by two Senators! And then the whole machinery of a Conclave order swinging into motion to respond to that. Go go team meddle!

A hilariously masturbatory Conclave gambit which consisted of taking ambergelt out of the same pocket we wanted to put the ambergelt into.

More things! Ballgowning! Politics! Heresy club! History! Many things!

Complete mess of an event for me…

Interesting interaction with some NPCs, effectively kicking a plot bomb and seeing where it went.
Many characters I knew died, to the extent where the future direction is tremendously uncertain.
Little to salvage IC, best laid plans have been shredded.
Various offers from several nations/individuals

Unpleasant mix of OOC events creeping up etc

Certainly the worst event for me, IC and OOC. Hey ho, it happens. Maybe skip E3 and turn up at E4, or ditch bigger events this year. Character wise the direction is very hard to decide upon, not least that the best option involves purchasing new kit and costing out the financial outlay…

Tricky. Silver lining is that I can hardly see any future events being much worse all in!

Ok, Hots and Nots since I’ve already done the detailed report (found here: facebook.com/notes/se%C3%A1 … 1976627065)
Nots first:

  • Destroying my car door and almost dying.
  • My air bed exploding at 3am…dammit.
  • Some truly painful IC moments that hit me hard OC too
  • Losing some great friends IC
  • The loss of those friends making for some of the most amazing RP ever.
  • Saturday’s battle. It was intense and very different from ones I’ve fought before. I haven’t been to battle since last July so it was ace getting back into it.
  • Regaining the crown and proving our worth to the Orcs.
  • Agnarr finally meeting Luke in Highguard
  • The newbies of Holt Hyrde! All got stuck in really well and I can already tell will be fine members!
  • Several of the Thanes Meetings having real drive and purpose. Especially the emergency one and the voting. Also Agnarr had a real amount of gratitude for Aerdon for pushing it forward. Changelings don’t sit and listen for too long very well LOL (at least, I don’t lol)
  • Wedding! Or at least…post-wedding as I missed the actual thing due to being so busy!
  • The dramatic events surrounding the robbery and Ismo being fantastic with it all.
  • The ritual! Never been part of one before and it was epic, plus the after-effects were hilarious!
  • Knife fight with Xander
  • The drama surrounding the Green Shields.
  • The festival of worth and the handing over of Skarsind.
  • Continuing Elthred’s tradition of walks with the Thane, even the one that was like…an hour or so long with Volk
    A massive thank you to all of Holt Hyrde who were there both old and new members! Loved having Nanook back! And especially Ismo for the incredible support. Also to the smaller halls who we have grown to know and love so well!
    I can’t wait to get stuck back into Empire and I’m happy as hell to send IC letters to pretty much anyone I know IC. I enjoyed it so much leading up to the event!
  • Hospitality of Carta Notturno Friday night.
  • Entries going in my dead reckoning book.
  • Holberg for the Orcs! Or not, but it’s a timely reminder.
  • When the Bellamarina camp arrived it looked great and was connected to the rest of the League camp.
  • several impales not taken by monsters on Saturday
    ++ The standard of the League Light Company took the field again
  • The mercenary game is looking a good bit more interesting
  • Going around selling booze to the bars is thirst work…
    +++Highlight of the event was the Dance of Thorn and Navarr.
  • Then on to Varushka for more singing.
  • Monstering, especially monstering as a husk in the League slot. “You are demolishing this village, passively.”
  • Cleave to the chest + full run = bodyslide down the hill! :mrgreen:
  • The auction tent needs more light.
  • New Bellamarina exchange and the Carta acting as a carta.

[size=200]BEST CONCLAVE EVER[/size]