E2 2015 tents for IC field

I’m compiling a list on the Facebook group, could anyone who isn’t on Facebook please post here if they have tents for the IC field.

Please give your group name, tent size, guy allowance ( I assume 1m if not stated), and category.

A - national communal tents and structures
B - group IC tents
C - sleeping tents with young children/access needs
D - Group OOC / Storage tents
E - sleeping tents for adults

Space was very tight last event, so I may be asking some class E tents to pitch in the OC camping fields.



Shatterspire have the PD small white marquee this event.

Shatterspire’s pumpkin is on the list :slight_smile:

As last time, Halcyon will have a 4m bell with an attached 2x2m canopy.
Category B/E - this is the IC base of operations for Halcyon (and probably Waxing Sun) and it’s also where I sleep. :slight_smile: