E2 2017 Froth thread

Granted, there was a giant fireball of doom this event, but there were good things too.

I had:

  • Getting asked to act as a scrivener several times
  • Being asked if I was a priest several times (after dispensing entirely honest advice that is in no way going to backfire)
  • Getting to do some stonking ‘tell me your backstory’ rp in a wonderfully brazen Freeborn way
  • Several instances of wonderful singing in different places
  • Deciding enough time had elapsed since my last character so I could let Renata loose on some stuff that is super-important to her but I’d been holding back on
  • Discovering just how important a tagelmust is in hot weather. I love that thing so much.
  • Meddling in Synod politics by getting others to have arguments on my behalf
  • Actually finding out about the Bourse (even if missed it as the times changed)
  • Selling my Grandmaster vote to the candidate I quite liked anyway
  • Did I mention the singing?

All in all it was an OK event; I did have quite a lot of time where the sun made it difficult to do my usual itinerant fun-finding but there were some fabulous bits that averaged it all out. :slight_smile:


I had a pretty damn good event:

  • Doing Whispers Through the Black Gate on Saturday. This was my first ‘big’ ritual with my new character, and my coven and I went into it expecting it go wrong at least a little due to who we were summoning up. I’m not sure how it looked to people watching, but it felt amazing, with Permion’s Bell clanging away and lots of chanting. Big thanks to the PD crew for excellent smoke machine and NPC support.
  • The Suns getting some good plot, with a nice recognition from the ghost summoned in above-mentioned ritual, and from Leviathan in another ritual!
  • Highguard continuing to be an amazing nation to be part of, what with the Yael drama and other stuff. Never have I been so glad the Highborn love washbowls than this weekend!
  • Being a runner in the Saturday battle. Still great fun, still glad I’ve been doing a bit of extra cardio to keep me speeding around the battlefield. I think I saw Oliver Facey take a snap of me mid-run at one point, I hope it makes the cut!
  • Also in the Saturday battle, being completely overwhelmed with the rest of Highguard by a Jotun attack and seriously thinking “this is the end” when suddenly the Marchers came charging to our rescue. Going from fighting back-to-back with my entire nation to hacking down surprised orcs was a real rush! Several of us ended up shaking hands with Marchers over a pile of dead orcs.
  • Doing several other rituals over the course of the weekend. It finally feels like the Suns are getting back to their ritualist roots!
  • Monstering on Sunday was great, despite the heat. Talking about being a bunch of stoner orc surfers pre-battle (Go waveriders, duuuude!). Almost got to murder a certain youtuber but was cut down by an arrow not two feet from him.

Oh you dragged the heavy artillery of Permion’s Bell out, awesome, more of this sort of thing :smiley:


Copy-paste from Facebook, apologies for those who’ve seen it there already:

  • Continual kit improvement, especially with regards to our camp; having the option to self-cater IC now is going to be a bit of a game-changer, and bringing the air mattress meant I got more than a few broken hours of sleep throughout the weekend

  • Building on a lot of E1’s momentum, and starting to feel like Marisa’s a part of the world. The Hospital is a huge part of this, as is finding her feet in the cicisbeo community. This event, though it was all about the mage game - making the Archmage of Spring aware of my existence, pushing closer to a decision on which Order to join, and attending a Conclave where I actually cared about things

  • Seeing the AaAG become a thing. Looking forwards to the game this will generate

  • Storytime with the Navarr on Saturday night. We’ll need to make time to hang out with the murdermonkeys in the woods more often

  • Prospero’s Pizza! A welcome addition to Anvil. SO GOOD.

  • This event’s haul of Lovely Things - more soap from Bitterbark, some fabulous cupping glasses and snail dishes from the Dunnings’ Asavean branch, a chunky spider ring from the Imperial Jeweller

  • Grumpyfish. She knows what she did. Much angst, many feelings <3


From my Crew perspective, this event was excellent.

During my time working in GOD, people were understanding (I was learning my way around the systems) and kept their cool while waiting in queues.

Whenever I ventured out as an NPC I was constantly plied with water to keep me hydrated.

Thanks to everyone I interacted with and here’s to everyone keeping this hobby as inclusive and caring as I found it.


My Hots and Nots from this weekend,

The nots first:
-Saturday, It was so hot that after maneuvers I ended up finding a shady spot and having a nap. With about 6 others of my group. Was a shame as I really wanted to try my idea of merc Dr for quests.
-New Tent quickly turns into an oven.

The Hots:
-Journey down was the most enjoyable for a long time.
-The saturday evening was manic. With the nap and cooler air, it felt everyone was making up for lost time. Anvil was busy and bustling.
-Started to get involved with the Hospital as a way for getting more roleplay.
-Sunday battle was awesome. Highlights being hacking down ritualists and looting 16 mana crystals. And Dynamic Entry through the bracken to attack a line of orcs from behind. Got an actual double spit take from some poor sod having a drink. Aside, we were slick, precise and composed.

I am trying to festoon my hat with all sorts of knickknacks and keepsakes in the attempt to be more fabulous.


This was my first Empire event, and it won’t be the last due to the amazing time I had.

  • The Shattered Tower taking me in and letting me join them, making sure I was comfortable with what was happening at any point they could IC and OC, letting me borrow gear and completely gearing me up for anything we did, Teaching me the ways of the empire so I wasn’t confused. Overall just being the nicest people I could have ran into for my first event!

  • My Character not dying was a big Plus.

  • The Battle on Saturday (as explained what happened in it before by someone earlier) was a very rememberable moment for me and realizing how intense some of these fights can truly be.

  • Doing a skirmish with a Sun of Couros brother (bad with names sorry :D) and practically being his second general during it, and then getting praise on how well I did, was a massive confidence booster

  • Sat down with 2 lovely people from brass coast (again names and I are a bad mix) who I used the phrase “I’m new to anvil on” taught me about material value

I just want to drive in an earlier point and say a big thank you to all of the Highguard and especially the ST I don’t think I could have picked a better nation to have joined for being a first timer they truly made my experience that much great then I anticipated!

There was so much to add but off the top of my head I honestly can’t remember :smiley:


Had a lot of slow burn roleplay, putting wheels in motion kinda stuff this time, but two incidents do stick in my brain.

One of the best parts was realising after midnight that I needed to write a letter to an eternal RIGHT NOW as the herald was coming back in the morning and I would be monstering. Cue me scribbling my candlelight with somewhat blurred vision thanks to being knackered until one of my group came back from socialising. I let them have a read of what I had so far and the conversation went a little like this…

“Needs more.”
“More what?”
“Adjectives. Every time you’ve got a name add an adjective to it”
“Hmmm so then not Grendel Pirates but Dread Grendel Pirates?”
thinks “Malevolent”
“Good one. How about not slavery but durance vile instead”

I understand it brought a smile to the person who picked it up :slight_smile:.

But the best encounter I had was while monstering as wave riders, running around and playing silly buggers in the forest on the Sunday. I get shot in the leg by an arrow, but the people who shot me run away. Cue me and my mate looking at each other as neither of us could fix my leg. I’m like “what do I do” and he says “lay down” then runs off leaving me behind. “Bugger” I think.

Then I’m suddenly surrounded by there human slave going “ah yesss master we’re secret sneaky healers, we tricked them into letting us go, let us heal you” and somewhat bemusedly I let them heal me and they scamper off and immediately get jumped by two PCs who try and execute them until my returning friend backstabs one and we all run off into the sunset. It was possibly the oddest monstering experience I’ve had at Empire. A++ would be healed by super secret sneaky healers again :slight_smile:.

Being able to NPC as skirmishy waveriders in light or medium armour was a delight as we got to lead the players a merry dance all over the woods. Nice that Highguard wasn’t typecast for once, I suspect due to the weather but I’ll be feeding that back as that was ace :slight_smile:.

Oh yes getting to interrogate a Grendel prisoner with some new Urizeni priests recommended to me by a recumbent Urizeni Egregore was fun. Hope we get the chance to do that kind of thing again.

edit Ahhh how could I forget the “Epic 4” new unconquered group who rocked up in Highguard busking the brief but with endless enthusiasm. It was great to see them find their fun and see them running around the battlefield skirmishing like proper unconquered sniff so proud. Seeing Highguard rally round to make sure they had armour and weapons, some even enchanted, was pretty cool too. Hope we continue to get more cool new players at E3 and E4.


Let’s seeee~

  • Having such strong IC feelings that I cried enough to give myself a headache
  • Doing Adjutant stuff. Initially, I was internally going ‘I hate this, everything is awful, I hate this, let me quit’ to begin with, but once I started acclimatising to the heat, I loooooved it.
  • The Kraken Tooth was a success! I was worried that the juice bar wouldn’t turn a profit, but the Armada is over a Throne richer, so yay!
  • Being gifted 2 wains of Weirwood. AHHHHHHHH!
  • Being gifted an entire ship (which mechanically works nicely with the weirwood, yay)
  • Getting to get out my brand new and shiny Jotun kit, paired with a brand new and shiny orc mask. So good.
  • Getting to just chill with my wife-to-be for a little while was really lovely.

I didn’t get too much done because of the heat, but now I have an informal list for E3! Also, I suppose it was tricky to just drop back in after being away from the game for nine months, but I am beyond excited for the next summit.


The festival of Worth… All of it. Thank you for sharing such incredible stories with us.

Imperial Orcs have such a fascinating culture that I am eager to learn more about!


Hots and Nots of E2:
Firstly the Hots (and that’s not the weather we had!!!)

  • Dedication to Loyalty done by Jericho-Jayne Cobb, with the Suns and Felix’s Watch all witnessing. And the wonderful blessing by Rebecca Sakne. Tear were shed by me (although too dehydrated for them to fall).
  • Whispers Through the Black Gate - Total terror that it would go so very wrong as we where summoning a 150 yr old General. Shock that we got the General and he answered all our questions. Beautiful ritual lead by Emmy Allen, so atmospheric, and made all the more so with the Shattered Tower standing guard. Just brilliant. And then the walk back to the Highguard camp with Draiton Berridge guiding me (eyes closed to avoid seeing any Summak whilst carrying the evil spear.
  • The aura of strength incident - running away from the Exarch Rhiannon Llewellyn-Leigh and other priests to avoid being exorcised. Thanks you Draiton Berridge for assisting in my escape!
  • The Highguard bath courtesy of David N Stimson, I have no regrets! Lovely and cool after that.
  • Chatting round the fire in the evenings when the heat had gone out of the day. Roasting Marshmallows - yummy. Thank you, Rob Leigh and Rhiannon Llewellyn-Leigh for bringing them. Seems I have managed to gain a couple of pounds over the weekend, oh well.
  • The conversation with Rebecca Sakne which lead to my dedication to Loyalty. Quickest dedication ever! Now to save up to get the priest skill.
  • Sister Yael Jeannette Ng and Loyalty - really enjoyed the conversation regarding the ‘City without tears’ and finding out more about the True Liao Vision. Your words won over Birdie and lead to her getting the dedication to Loyalty.
  • The Out Inn and fabulous tea. The Vanilla Tea you gave me was heavenly. I’m off to Whittakers to get me some of that.
  • Singing for the Empress Roz Western-Ind and her group, late in the evening. Really made my event. Birdie can now cross that off her list of things she just had to do. And to receive the Throne from Simon English, just blew me away. Thank you.
  • Singing for Highguard from any spot of shade I could find. I love singing for anyone who will listen and you guys are always a fantastic audience.
    I’m sure there are many more things that will pop into my head but now on to the Nots…
  • The hot weather. Kazzy does not function in the hot weather, so spent all her time under the gazebo in Highguard trying to keep a modicum of cool.
  • Needing the loo every five minutes due to the amount of water I was drinking - trudging down to God to get to the loo in the searing heat, not fun!
  • Hot robes, going to get myself a cotton dress so that if the next event is as hot, I will be cooler. Plus need a parasol.
  • Catching my antlers on things. I’m small ‘God Dammit!’ I don’t need to duck! Bloody antlers Grins
    Can’t think of any other Nots - event was just too cool. Thanks all.