E2 2017 - Hots & Nots (for those not on Facebook)

Hots and Nots of E2:
Firstly the Hots (and that’s not the weather we had!!!)

  • Dedication to Loyalty done by Jericho-Jayne Cobb, with the Suns and Felix’s Watch all witnessing. And the wonderful blessing by Rebecca Sakne. Tear were shed by me (although too dehydrated for them to fall).
  • Whispers Through the Black Gate - Total terror that it would go so very wrong as we where summoning a 150 yr old General. Shock that we got the General and he answered all our questions. Beautiful ritual lead by Emmy Allen, so atmospheric, and made all the more so with the Shattered Tower standing guard. Just brilliant. And then the walk back to the Highguard camp with Draiton Berridge guiding me (eyes closed to avoid seeing any Summak whilst carrying the evil spear.
  • The aura of strength incident - running away from the Exarch Rhiannon Llewellyn-Leigh and other priests to avoid being exorcised. Thanks you Draiton Berridge for assisting in my escape!
  • The Highguard bath courtesy of David N Stimson, I have no regrets! Lovely and cool after that.
  • Chatting round the fire in the evenings when the heat had gone out of the day. Roasting Marshmallows - yummy. Thank you, Rob Leigh and Rhiannon Llewellyn-Leigh for bringing them. Seems I have managed to gain a couple of pounds over the weekend, oh well.
  • The conversation with Rebecca Sakne which lead to my dedication to Loyalty. Quickest dedication ever! Now to save up to get the priest skill.
  • Sister Yael Jeannette Ng and Loyalty - really enjoyed the conversation regarding the ‘City without tears’ and finding out more about the True Liao Vision. Your words won over Birdie and lead to her getting the dedication to Loyalty.
  • The Out Inn and fabulous tea. The Vanilla Tea you gave me was heavenly. I’m off to Whittakers to get me some of that.
  • Singing for the Empress Roz Western-Ind and her group, late in the evening. Really made my event. Birdie can now cross that off her list of things she just had to do. And to receive the Throne from Simon English, just blew me away. Thank you.
  • Singing for Highguard from any spot of shade I could find. I love singing for anyone who will listen and you guys are always a fantastic audience.
    I’m sure there are many more things that will pop into my head but now on to the Nots…
  • The hot weather. Kazzy does not function in the hot weather, so spent all her time under the gazebo in Highguard trying to keep a modicum of cool.
  • Needing the loo every five minutes due to the amount of water I was drinking - trudging down to God to get to the loo in the searing heat, not fun!
  • Hot robes, going to get myself a cotton dress so that if the next event is as hot, I will be cooler. Plus need a parasol.
  • Catching my antlers on things. I’m small ‘God Dammit!’ I don’t need to duck! Bloody antlers Grins
    Can’t think of any other Nots - event was just too cool. Thanks all.

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