E2 Froth Thread

I’m still rather broken from setup and take down but you all go ahead and froth while I go back to have another nap :). Tell us the good stuff about the Spring Solstice.

A couple of stand-out moments:

Monstering Sunday morning:

  1. I wanna play a Grendel Healer!
  2. Uh, mage healer, pls.
  3. What is this stack of resources?.. oooo…
  4. There is a low level Spring ritual for mass healing. I shall spam it!
  5. (burns through 12 Vis and 8 personal mana, healing about 50 Grendel and a giant lobster thing)
  6. Also slaves. I had two cute human slaves with Stockholm syndrome and an incredibly servile manner.
  7. Taunting dying Imperials on their retreat. I promised many of them a new career as part of a battle monument, and did a long and enthusiastic sales and design pitch at them, which they were unable to either shut me up or move away…

In other news, I also sold these little beauties…

An army of Gingerbread Druj stormed the Imperial camps and… didn’t last long :slight_smile:


The first condemnation for Abuse of Powers happened! Trial at next event! This makes me more excited than it should!

Also, numerous entertaining moments within the office of the Tribune, from Adam being crowned Queen of the Synod to sassy Kiersten asking priests whether their votes were in numerical order.

It was a fantastic event, despite the weather.

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