E3 2019 ++OC update, new caterers, rules reminder++

As Andy has mentioned, all the winds of fortune are now up.

I do apologize that the Winds are out late this event. Unfortunately the short gap between event two and three made things much tighter than we’d like. We’ll be aiming to do much better next event I promise (partly because this one damn near killed us).

In other news, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve decided to try out a new caterer at the next event. Jabberwocky will be selling a range of delicious toasties just at the next event from a spot near GOD. Please give them a try and let us know what you think. If it works out then we’ll be looking to have them back at all the events next year.


And finally a word from our ref team. We’ve noticed quite a few players are not following the rules and keeping ribbons attached to phys-rep. Our refs will be reminding everyone of the rules at this event - from event four onwards they’ll be much strictor - and you won’t be able to bond an item or cast detect magic on it unless it’s a legal game item (a ribbon attached to a phys-rep).

See you all soon!

Matt P,


And as a personal addition from me, sorry it then took a little while for me to copy them all across from facebook to the forum. We are a small team in Forum HQ and it’s been… well, it’s been a week for all manner of unrelated reasons for each of us.

See you all in a field.



Thank you and Forum HQ your job makes the game better for all of us.