E4 2019 ++In Other News++

Normally I’d say “and finally” but there is one more Wind of Fortune to come.

The Winds of Fortune only cover some of the things going on in the world. They usually involve actions or choices players can make that we outline or highlight. There are plenty of other things going on, and we’ve covered as many as we can here → http://bit.ly/WoF_Autumn_Other_Events

Among the “other events” this summit you will find mention of:

  • The Briar Question
  • The Situation in Ossium
  • The Hylje
  • Frederick di Sarvos and his Statement of Endeavour
  • The Zemress Seminary
  • Virtue’s Rest and the White Roads
  • The Grey Pilgrims
  • A Marvellous Book

Each quickly outlines something that is happening in the world. It is still possible to interact with these events obviously, but in almost every case the tools for doing so are those available to all player characters - Synod Judgements, Senate Motions, Declarations, and the like.

Right! Onwards to Winds of Magic!

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