E4 2019 ++New Order (Conclave Update)++

During the Summer Solstice, the Imperial Conclave passed a declaration of concord stating “This Conclave requests the running order of Conclave be amended to consider declarations, then candidacy then addresses.”

After due consideration the civil service agrees that this might help with some of the perceived problems with Conclave sessions. As such, during the Autumn Equinox, they will be adopting the Conclave’s suggestion.

All this means is that the running order for Conclave during the event will be changed. Declarations first, then candidacy, then addresses.

I’ve added a note to this effect to Winds of Magic, rather than updating the Conclave pages, as we (and the civil service) want to see how this change goes during the event before applying it going forward.

As always if you have any feedback on Conclave (or anything else), you can send it to matt@profounddecisions.co.uk after the event.

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