++E4: Prebook deadline, Filming Update++

Don’t forget that today is the last chance to prebook for the final event of the year!

As we’ve mentioned before there will be some filming at event four, as part of the BBC documentary for Inside Out South. Thank you for being patient with us as we finalise the details of the filming. We are really excited about the opportunity and we are confident that this will proceed with as little disruption as possible.

The film crew will be on site working with our team from Wednesday - Saturday, and will only be filming people in the in-character areas noted at the times below.

We will also have clear signs up when/where filming is taking place. If you do not wish to be filmed for whatever reason, we respect your decision entirely, and we ask that you please avoid these areas:


13:30 - Chow’s Emporium (Traders)
19:00 - The Forge (IC Tavern) - we will be using a small portion of the tavern before it opens officially for the evening.
Various times - Some personal IC tents - various locations - these will be signposted and will be at the consent of the tent owners.

10:30 - Danica’s tent (Marianne Wilberforce) in the Dawn camp
12:00 - Senate Building
13:00 - Military Council Building
14:00 - New Player Brief - The Hub
15:15 - Valentin’s tent (Andy Cruse) in the Dawn camp

The filming in the two player tents will be signposted and will be at the consent of the tent owners.

If you are a new player who does NOT want to be filmed, please attend the brief which takes place at 17:00 in The Hub

14:30 - Skirmish through the Sentinel Gate
15:00 - Skirmish through the Sentinel Gate

These two skirmishes are the ONLY filming that we have permitted to take place in-character areas (the Skirmish Field and Woods) during time-in. If you do not wish to be filmed, please do not attend these skirmishes. By attending these skirmishes you are consenting to be filmed, so please bear this in mind.

Throughout the weekend there will be a small amount of focused filming in the OOC and Crew area; some in the Monster Tent, and some by the food vans. We will make it very clear when this is happening and clearly signpost it. We will be discussing the details of this filming with crew members separately.

If you have contacted us to volunteer to be part of the filming - we will also contact you separately and discuss times/locations for you to be available.

We are working to ensure that this filming will not negatively impact on anyone’s experience of the event but if you have any concerns please contact us at documentary@profounddecisions.co.uk.