++Early Booking Deadline and Coventry Kit Sort-out Volunteering++

This is just a quick update to remind everyone that the early booking deadline for the next event is midnight tonight and to let people know that we’re looking for a bit of help next weekend.

You need to send payment by midnight to get your tickets at the cheapest price if you haven’t already done so.

You can book and pay online at any point. Please pay by bank transfer or standing order if you can - as that is much better for us! (You can still pay by bank transfer on the day of the deadline, provided you send payment before the deadline).

If you have sent payment by bank transfer in the last few days - don’t worry that we haven’t received it yet. We’ll receive and process your payment as normal over the next few days. It takes us a day or two to process the payments.

In other news - We’ve just finished the last of the take-down from the event on site, but due to the muddy weather we still have just a bit more work to do! Our most important costumes are stored in Coventry and this Saturday the team are going to sort through the kit and brush all the mud off. And of course we could really use your help, if you’re free and able to join us.

This opportunity is open to everyone, who can get to Argyll street in Coventry CV24FL. There will be snacks for lunch and pizza or similar afterwards. If you are super keen to come, and cost of getting there is an issue, let us know. Depending on how many people we have offering, we can help with transport costs.

The plan is to try and get people together on May 26th from 12pm-6pm primarily, but there will be people working at the stores all weekend if you can’t make it that day. We’re looking for a small team of volunteers to join Leah Tardivel who is our head of plot production. As ever, it’s crucial to know who is coming as there is limited room in the storeroom, so please drop Leah an email at leah@profounddecisions.co.uk if you are up for coming along.

As ever, we are really grateful for all the help and support we receive from everyone. It really does allow us to do so much more than would otherwise be possible.

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