Elevator Pitch

Hi Folks,

I’ve been thinking about my character and who he is, Another thread brought this to mind.

You have 30 seconds to pitch yourself to X person as they walk to their next meeting. Go!

Matt :relaxed:

“I’m the only Earl of Dawn with a head for money. I’ve fought on land and sea and trade meets. I’ve travelled half the world, organised a punitive armada, and fought orcs, drakes, Heralds and dead things. I’ve written up international treaties, demonstrated virtue to Highguard, and I will drag my nation into Prosperity if it bloody kills me.”

How’s that? :slight_smile:


Is this an OOC “here’s what my character concept is like”, or more of what one might say IC? If it’s the latter, this is kinda veering close to throwing out more IC information and/or self-promotion than I think makes sense for an OOC forum…

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Dead characters make it easier :slight_smile:

“Heroic Paladin type who does heroic things and cares about people, will probably get deeply broken by doing both, may get mugged into position of responsibility because things need to be done and people aren’t doing them damnit.”


You’ve convinced me. That’s brilliant!

Yeah, I can see it crosses the IC line, that’s why I didn’t try and promote myself. You don’t have to put your name in. We’re pretty anonymous on her so hopefully it’s just a bit of fun.

“I stopped a noble being mugged and have a front page gazette article about it… So much for being anonymous…”

I’ll admit that doing this for dead characters or famous historical characters could be fun though. :smiley:

“Who am I? Oh, just an inquiring scholar who’s trying to make sense of the Way and figure out what’s really up with pure liao visions. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a meeting with an Eternal to go to right no- what? Magistrates? THIS IS A SET UP!”


“Novice priest falls in with a bad crowd*, trips and falls into a position of responsibility, almost dies in a blaze of Labyrinth proving [redacted], attempts to retire quietly to do missionary work in the worst of bad places** and dies in the most Varushkan way possible.”

*Technically the best crowd
**This one is true, have you ever been to the edge of Karsk?