Empire buddy scheme

Oh god I’m brand new and could do with an Empire buddy to ask approx 8 zillion questions to. I’ve created my character and account and I’m looking forward to my first event in April 2019… After that I’m lost!!" :smiley:


Feel free to just ask! We were all new once, and that’s exactly what this forum is for.

If you’ve created your character what nation have you chosen, as that will probably have a big bearing on any answers you want.


Its my first even on E1 2019 too, any questions i’ve had I just post usually or search for i have a basic understanding with a few specifics if you need to ask me about artisan skill, armour, combat, brass coast. As I now have decent knowledge in these areas. Feel free to message me👍

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Yup, Ask away. We are all a friendly bunch. And feel free to PM if you wish.


A few things to note here, but the TLDR is “Ask!”:

  1. Anything you ask is probably going unasked by other people, help the silent majority!
  2. Anything you ask is used by the forums software to auto-suggest, help the future!
  3. Anything you ask might be noticed as an oversight in the wiki, help the docs!

Joining everyone else to say hello, welcome, and feel free to ask any questions! The forum/FB groups are the best place to ask as Empire is so wide and varied, one single person may not be able to answer all your questions.

To kick off, as @CharlieP asks, which nation have you decided to join?
You’ve created a character on the system, have you spent XP on any certain skills? (It’s fine if you haven’t and, if you have and then change your mind, you can get XP refunded after your first session.)
Do you plan to go into battle? It’s fine if you do or don’t, it’s a big part of it for a lot of people but some people have zero interest in it.
Outside of battle, there are lots of other parts of the game - politics, religion, magic, trade, crafting, and more. Are there any particular things that grab your fancy? Again, don’t worry if nothing appeals yet, a lot of people only figure out what they like when they get there.

That just gives you a starting point if you weren’t sure to begin - Empire and the Wiki is somewhat vast and terrifying after all!

Which nation have you chosen?

Hey Aiferapple,

Go ahead and ask as much as you like, I was new not that long ago and can honestly say empire players are awesome with answering new players questions. Everyones happy to help, so what nation have you gone for? If it happens to be Dawn thats where I am so can help you out with some of the details :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Kyle :slight_smile: I have chosen Dawn also. It took me about 2 hours , a lot of wine, and about 10 pc windows open at Wiki Empire to figure out how to create my character but I’ve done it :smiley: And now I’m just considering my next step while still in shock about the vastness of what I’m getting into LOL

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I’ve chosen Dawn buddy :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Triska. I’ve joined Dawn and as yet aren’t entirely sure about XP and was possibly thinking about maybe getting some ‘event’ time first before deciding the way forward.
Not sure about the battle aspect yet. Probably not for the first few events, just while I get the feel of the whole thing :slight_smile:
If it makes a difference, I have chosen my character to be an arrow maker and fletcher.
It really is vast… I think only now I’m sitting back and thinking about the scale of it all LOL

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Yep, you can spend as much time as you need to just learning the ropes or looking around before spending XP - I’d recommend you read about being an Apprentice, it gives you the opportunity to learn from others and essentially temporarily “borrow” their abilities.

You don’t have to battle immediately, or at all (I personally don’t and never have), but if you do want to learn the ropes then Dawn is definitely a good place to do it, being a martial nation.

Being a fletcher is a nice touch, but this is more something that your character would be doing in downtime (unless you plan to bring fletching tools and materials with you, which would be cool!). There’s a lot that goes on at the actual events (such as politics, religion, etc.) that you could get involved in but, as I said before, a lot of people come along and just see what takes their fancy!

Thankfully you’ve chosen a relatively good time to join, as there’s a big gap between now and the next event. Just remember that nobody knows all of the Wiki! Try not to get intimidated by it (it’s hard I know!) and just focus on the bits that you want to :slight_smile:

I thought I would say stick my head in to welcome you. I’m just as willing as everyone else to answer questions however I am fairly new to larping. I’d be happy to go over useful things for out of character as well as in character as I have spent a fair bit of time camping in various locations and conditions.

My one piece of advice for now is, if you want a taste of battle but don’t want to throw your character in there, looking into monstering. That is what I did. You get there for about 9:00 I think it was and they provide you with armour, a tunic and your orc mask, all you need is a weapon.

Feel free to ask any questions either on here or messaging any of us directly.

I think for now you need to look at getting a base layer for your costume. Charity shops are great for this. You can get old blankets and cut them up and turn them into tabards or trousers and you might find some good jewellery as well. You have quite a bit of time to do this but you don’t want to put it off and then have a mad last few weeks where you try and get everything together, it is best to do a little bit when you can now. If you aren’t sure what you want for a costume then look at examples and maybe make a page of ideas.

Welcome along! To the game, these forums, and to Dawn!

I am also happy to answer questions, including Dawn specifically.

Of course, there’s also this subforum:

and indeed, if you’re interested, the Dawn Facebook page here:

As others have said, there are a wealth of players here on the forums, from fellow newbies to “I don’t like to think about how long I’ve been larping anymore” veterans.

You can almost certainly find the answer to any questions you might have and we’ll be more than willing to help in any way we can. :slight_smile:


I’m totally biased but good choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Few things first in Dawn Archery is generally regarded as a tool of hunting rather than of war, a Fletcher is still a very valid background, but you are likely to be serving professional hunters and nobles heading out for some sport rather than providing arrows to the armies.

Secondly If you aren’t sure if battles are for you, you could always try monstering with your nation, it lets you experience the battlefield without worries of risking your character.