Empire Canvas Maps


I’m selling Canvas Maps of the Empire, World and Nations.

I have Nation maps in A3 size currently I have in stock

(£6 each)
Brass Coast x5
Dawn x9
High Guard x2
The League x5
Marches x9
Navarr x6
Urizen(mini maps A5 size £1.50)
Varushka x10
Wintermark x9

Empire Maps
A1 Sized x5 - £24
A3 Sized x30 £6

World Maps x8 - £20

Hi there;

Could I ask you for a copy of the Marches (A3) and a map of the Empire (A3) as well?

I’ll PM you my details if that is alright?

Do you still have these???

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Yup i still have lots of these, what are you interested in?

Can you do a canvas version of the star chart? Because I MIGHT be looking for one :wink:

Yes I can, it all depends on how big you want one and if anyone else wants one as well

I would certainly be interested in an A3 sized star map.

Yeah, A3 would probably be best - I’d love an A1 one, but as I’ll be carting it backwards and forwards to the Regio that’s probably not practical :wink:

looks like I’ll be getting 6 to the yard, so that’s A2-3ish and £8 each, hopefully will have them for next Event

Unfortunately I won’t have the star maps for this weekend… hopefully next week or the week after… sorry I go let down

Is a copy of the Marcher Map and a A1 World map still available please? :question:

Do you still have any copies of the Empire maps? I saw some being sold at E3 (which I assume was you) but foolishly didn’t pick one up…

Same here… my son would go nuts for a big map of the whole empire, plus I’d like the barrens and dawn if u have them.

Similarly, are there any of these left? Would be looking for A1 Empire one and a Highguard one. Thanks :slight_smile:

yup I still have stock, you are any coming up player events, like Aedon Bargin or Freeborn Storm 2? or I can send them out if you like for a little cash for the p&p

Can’t make it to any player events sadly :frowning: How much would postage be? Or any chance of holding an A1 Empire map for pickup at E1 2016? I know it’s a while away…

i can do that, prefer to sell in person, less cash going to paypal and on postage

If you’re happy to hold until E1, can I bookmark a Wintermark map and an A1 Empire one? :smiley:

Huzzah! Consider an A1 Empire map on hold for me then please :smiley:

Will you be there in may this year?