Empire Downtime - missing spy network "the barrens"?

Hi there, I was under the impression we’d have another spy network to consider supporting this time in The Barrens - is it possible to clarify whether this is a problem with the dialogue box (ie it should be there) or whether we’ve messed something up in game that prevented the spy network being ready this season?

(or maybe the spy network is so brilliant even imperial citizens can’t find it!) :slight_smile:

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … py_Network

Prolly worth emailing PD with that question…

Yeah, you are right - I was mainly just hoping for some magic browser based (just hit refresh a couple of times and it’ll appear) finesse! :wink:

You’re more likely to get that by emailing, as the people who deal with this sort of thing are more likely to check that AIUI. :slight_smile:

I can see it, way down at the bottom mind you rather than alphabetized like the others.

The boss fixed it afaik. I suspect it’s a design feature that the Weird Projects show up after the main list - and if not than I might ask him to make it one. There won’t be many of them at one time, and it will make them easier to find and not disrupt the important list.

i’m interested because, obviously, plot opportunities also go on this list as well as PC created options.