Empire Etiquette

I’ve been reading the wiki (a little more than i’m comfortable admitting :sweat_smile: ) so i think i have a basic understanding of the cultures, but i’m wondering if there is anything else not mentioned in the wiki regarding the etiquette/unspoken rules of the nations. i’ve heard you aren’t supposed to walk into the orc camp alone and even a handshake is a bit forward in urizen,but what else?

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You must also have at least 1 weapon in the party when going to the ORC camp. Urizen do not touch at all, although this in itself provides some good RP for both parties.


why do you have to have one weapon with you?

If you like the sharp pointy end of large lumps of metal being swung at you front and back it’s fine.

Weapon to defend yourself and friend to watch your back.

Two of us from dawn went to orc camp didn’t know it was during their pilgrimage and the few orcs that were there were really helpful and informative about their culture, learned alot.

So far I’ve talked to three imperial orcs and all of them were far nicer than I’ve been told.

Highborn will ask you to wash before entering their tents and most have a bowl outside the door.

Also If all the Highborn near you put up their hoods or veils then something is serious business.


The hearth magic section of each page will give you a good idea of some of them.

If nothing else, wandering into camps and asking about this is a fun way to spend a few hours IC. :slight_smile:

ETA: you can also find out what each nation thinks of the other nations customs as well for bonus fun.

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Urizeni do touch, but only when they feel it is appropriate, from what I’ve seen.

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I am thinking of buying some simple rings to hand out to some select people next event.

Thought you may enjoy this section I’ve recently cut from my next Youtube video:

"What’s beautiful about Imperial etiquette is that it is entirely unique in each nation, Varushkan’s have their hospitality, Highgaurd has its washing and the League has it’s invitations and so on. However there is a number of rules of etiquette that are consistent with everyone across the Empire.

“I’m new to Anvil” - This was briefly covered in the Welcome to Empire video at the end. Simply put, if you’re new to the Empire game and don’t know something, this is a simple in-character phrase you can use to explain that you’re still learning the ropes without breaking immersion.

“Get lost”. - The central region of the Way is an essential part of imperial life. What is a pretty average insult in the real world, to tell someone to get lost in Empire is to tell them that you wish for them to lose their way on their path to virtue.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want to pay your respects to someone who has passed - you would say something along the lines of -
“Their soul will pass swiftly through the labyrinth.” Which is saying in short that they were a virtuous person in life and will be reborn again soon. "

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If you’re a League be careful, wearing too many rings will mean you hand means that you’ve spread your loyalty too thin and you’re not very trustworthy. (Because it looks like you’re willing to hand it out to anyone.)

Bare in mind that it’s totally okay to not know the etiquette of other nations, as long as you know your own. Not everyone galivants all over the Empire sampling each nation’s culture and for some people the Anvil Summit is the only time they interact with the rest of the Empire. If you act with as much respect and consideration as you would when interacting with a real-life foreign culture, nobody’s gonna get on your back about it in anything but a fun little IC quibbling way.

All that being said, a visit to Varushka will go smoother if, when refusing hospitality, you at least provide a reason for why you’re not partaking.


Oh I understand, but there are some people I should give one to IC. Also some rings are tied to organisations. I have few personal ones.

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You must also have at least 1 weapon in the party when going to the ORC camp.

Is this something that orc players have come up with in play? I don’t remember anything on the wiki indicating this.

I’d interpreted “don’t go alone into the Imperial Orc camp” as being because it will make you look to orcs like Citizen No-Mates, given how strong social ties are among orcs, and thus make you look a bit weird and suspicious. Not because of danger; Imperial Orcs are imperial citizens like members of all other nations, after all. :slight_smile:

Urizen do not touch at all, although this in itself provides some good RP for both parties.


a) have you seen how many young children there are in the Urizen camp? It’s pretty difficult to make children without some touch going on between the parents. (There are jokes about this in song. I think there’s a commemorative sheet somewhere.)

b) Urizen physical contact is kinda treated as important / private significant in the way the next level up might be. So someone’s boundaries for who they shake hands with might be more like someone else’s boundaries for who they’d hug.

c) That said, some of the Urizen might be messing with you and taking amusement from the confusion of other nations at extending their hand and getting a bow in response. Damn those snooty mountain elves.*

(*) Source: I play one of those snooty mountain elves

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…also, the more I look at the Orc brief (wiki is currently down but the text-only Google cache of the Orc page is useful), the less I understand the idea of Imperial Orcs attacking unarmed people in their camp, because:

Orcs are not blood-thirsty, it is the thrill of combat, the adrenalin of the fight response that they revel in. Without a challenge, without the tension and threat of a credible opponent there is no combat rush for them. Orcs swiftly lose all interest in fighting once an enemy is clearly defeated. They want to overpower their opponents, not to murder them.

Orcs also enjoy direct physical competition; violent confrontational sports are endemic in orc societies. The enjoyment of such bouts, by audience and participants is based on the same responses that make orcs revel and exult in fighting and battle.

So yes, sure, bring weapons to the Imperial Orc camp if you usually carry them, or if you are planning to join in with a pit-fight challenge, but the brief doesn’t read like you are likely to get stabbed by someone unawares. That wouldn’t be any fun as a fight, after all! :slight_smile:


Now you mention hearth magic, there is that thing with the League and the Masquerade of the Reaper. Not necessarily something an outsider would understand, not really ‘etiquette per se’, but I can imagine the superstition of not letting Death see your unmasked face might capture the minds of other nations too.


Renata uses her tagelmust to confuse the Reaper, to look serious at Highborn gatherings, and to keep off the sun. A marvelous bit of kit.

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Totally going to seek out the Reaper at E1 and see if I can have any fun with it.

There are Orcs who definitely could explain it better, but it’s not that they attack unarmed people, more they place significance on having a weapon with you. It’s less to do with being Orcs and more the martial nature of the Imperial Orc culture.

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Sure thing; I guess there’s confusion about the way that it comes across in the internet, in that it wasn’t clear to me that people were talking about something that’s come up from people in play, rather than the brief as written on the wiki.

I figure that based on the brief it’s entirely possible to play a group of Imperial Orcs who don’t assume that everyone else will be armed (I mean, you have shamans as well as warriors, right? And Anvil is not a battle campground, and you can put your weapons away for a few days if you have other things to carry about), so it sounds like that’s something that’s being played by some players as an appropriate thing, but I still don’t see it as being absolutely vital to playing Imperial Orcs on-brief.

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The going in armed thing is entirely player driven.

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