Empire Ref contacts

Hi, looking to contact the ref team.

Please drop me a message if you are interested in free a weekend of camping in return for your services.
There might even be a small mountain of Freddos and gallons of tea, coffee too.

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Are you looking for refs for a player event? You don’t need “official PD refs” for that, I’ve done reffing for a player event before.

Hi Mark

It’s for a large player event with a number of concurrent activities that would require experienced refs, we managed at the last event but this one is considerably more in depth

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There a number of players who PD tap to be battlefield refs as well, so i would be asking for “experienced battle refs” which should widen your recruitment pool. Good luck with event :+1:


I’ve scanned the guest list and I’ve sen a couple of battle field refs are coming , but it’s a good shout