Empire "Retrospective" Podcast Video

Hey folks!

Was asked to post this here on the forums as well as some of the FB groups. In short, after E1 I sat down with two of my YouTuber mates and did a video where we talk about our favourite events and things, explain why we love Empire and LARPing etc.

Big thanks to Beth & Tom for letting me use their photos in the video. Really helps sell Empire and from my comments, looks like there may be some newbies coming along this year from it. :slight_smile:


I finally got round to finish watching this, thanks it’s ace :slight_smile:. Was great to see you all froth about the game and the setting.

Can I request more stuff on the Synod, Conclave, Eternals and the other Nations for future videos :smiley:. Looking forward to the next one.

And they did it again, cheers dude :slight_smile:.


Fantastically inspiring videos, thanks you. :slight_smile:

These are great. I always struggle to explain the game to people.

A Post-E2 ramble from the same chaps

Hope they keep on coming!

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As one of the aforementioned newbies I wanted to ask, is the synod specific to a single nation or is it comprised of people from different nations? Thanks for any reply

The Synod is a body of priests that crosses all nations. Each nation has a national assembly, each Virtue has a virtue assembly and occasionally there will be General Assembly meetings for every priest.

Anyone can be a priest, anyone can join any virtue, but you will only be a member of your own Nations national assembly.

Hope that helps!


And here’s the latest video :slight_smile:


thanks for posting the new ones mark, hadn’t seen any of these before, can have a nice binge to keep me from going insane before e4!

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