Empire Video - Why We Fight

Hi all,

I have created a quick video using Tom Garnett’s amazing photos as the old creative juices have started flowing again with only a couple of weeks to go now until the next game. I have called this one “Why We Fight” and the idea is that with all the blood, sweat and sacrifice it is easy to forget why we are doing it.

Enter stage left some images of peace time and the culture of the Empire away from the fighting. I hope you like it.

youtube.com/watch?v=YZEefP6 … e=youtu.be

P.S The music is track 10 from Max Richter’s new Album, The Four Seasons recomposed.

What program do you use to create the video from the images?

more, more loved it. but makes me want to find a way of making a video for navarr/ militia and all the rest.

I use good old fashioned Windows Movie Maker. I have been meaning to get something more fancy but so far this has done the job well enough.

I would love to do more but they take time, I need to get inspiration from finding music I like and, this is the biggest hurdle, I need enough photos to work from. Only a couple of photographers (thank you again Oli and Tom) let me use their images. If I had access to more I could probably do a damn site more.

Glad you both liked it though. You can see a whole bunch of other videos (mostly from a 40k setting) on my channel.

youtube.com/channel/UCII1WX … svJibsrwyw

Oh wow that was great! I’m now even more excited to join in the fun come September time!