Enigmatic Staff

So the coven’s getting an enigmatic staff made for this event and since I was thinking of making myself a prop anyway I called dibs. :smiley: So I present to you, a new staff:



The description on the wiki said polished black stave with black on black runes, but thats boring to look at so I decided to carve in vines and runes and paint them in silver. The base is just a pine dowel I had lying around. this was actually a bit of a pain to engrave because the grain kept making the dremel jump - made it impossible to get a smooth surface for one. That actually worked out okay though because I think the rough surface for the runes looks better.

I was thinking of doing the runes in glow in the dark aqua paint, since the blurb for it assured me it would continue to glow for hours. Brief experimentation with a test piece told me that in exchange for losing the nice shiny look in the day, I could get an ugly dull grey that would glow very faintly for not very long only if it was in daylight and then suddenly darkness. so not worth it really, though the glow can be quite good so I may use it with other things.

The biggest problem was that my dremel is a fancy battery powered one…meaning I could only work on small segments at a time before needing to recharge it. Took me ages to actually get it all done! Iffy on whether I should try and polish it with wax or anything, I think I’ll just clear coat it and see how it looks. Also not sure if I should make the silver vines on the top half a little thicker, they got quite thin when painting.

And the only response I can give to that is shiney :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic, well done! Makes me wish I was a Night mage so I could commission one.

Really the same style would work in different colours (and the appropriate runes). So I suppose Summer might be a red(/red brown) wood stain with gold. Spring green, winter blue, etc etc. In theory I’d be happy to take commissions (though I wouldn’t have time to do it for this coming event)

Excellent design!