Ephisis' Scale trading goods

hey so just looking at the Ephisis’ Scale: Ephisis’ Scale:

I super want to try this but my IC is not very rich so what do you guys think would be a good thing to get for it from OOC.

maybe cake or jewellery. I just want to think of some fun stuff to try. or just some stuff to confuse the empire crew.

If you send the refteam cake, you may get paid :slight_smile:

If you send them shinies that you have crafted, you may get magic materials back. And your shinies will likely end up in a box of props in the monster tent.

Frankly, this ritual has always looked like a vending machine an opaque door. Put money in, punch a button, see what happens…

Try anything! Ooo, here’s a thought. See if you can find a small ornate painting of a horse (get a copy of one of the many paintings of horses). They’re extinct IC, so Ephisis might like one. OTOH, Highguard would likely be deeply and doubly unimpressed. So don’t tell them.

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love it

a note from my spouse:

A cube of jelly was sent.

Herbal teabags were sent back in trade.

The trade was declined, and the jelly consumed.

Which is why teabags are not known IC…


I’ve seen a non magic version of this. Some people go round with a box and you can take the contents by putting something in, that may be slightly cheaper to try at first, if you can find the people.

For the ritual, maybe put in a poem or a riddle or something like that. They are easy to make but can be quite valuable. The whole idea of it is putting something in and getting something back of equal worth. I’m not sure how well received it will be though as creativity is a dissonance of autumn. Do you have any OOC skills that would allow you to make things? If you do, that may be the key to getting something cheaply.

Perhaps put things in that resonate with autumn as they maybe consider more valuable. A fancy pen and some paper to represent communication for example.

that’s the best thing I have heard all day

not sure about the poem as it says notes in the past have been taken as trading goods as ink and paper.
the fancy pen is a good idea. maybe I can find a fancy quill.


Oh, fun idea, put in a small box. Have it locked so you can then trade the key which will be more valuable. Alternatively it could be the trade box thing and see if you can some kind of double trade going, I don’t know.

maybe. if i could get the mana then it may be worth a try but it maybe hard to do.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it would work or not but I thought it would be worth trying. If you want it to be really meta, make it a poem about how great PD is and see if that either gets a great trade or a really crap trade because they know what you are trying to do. (probably not a good idea, the more I think about it).

I’m sure you can convince some hakima to try and help you experiment with some funny things during the broken wheel, they like to do that kind of stuff during that time. Also if you master the ritual, it will only cost you two mana. You might be able to convince a few people at the various bars to provide you with some mana, an object and some payment so you can do it for them. You won’t get your own stuff for it but at least you will get to do it and get some payment.

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I think it’s funny that Dawn and High guard both think the other nation is the crazy horse lovers and that their own love of horses is reasonable.


Shame, had she kept it and done a bit of reverse engineering we could have catapulted ahead of the Druj in staple technology.


some druj sulking about the empire stealing their teabags

Box of carved gilded cocks was also sent. There were reasons honest…


Please tell me you were offered and equal number of carved gilded cats in response.

Cocks as in, err, male parts. And no, we got a severed foot.

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Seems a pretty clear response :slight_smile:. I’d hate to be the Herald who has to log and catalog all the stuff that players send…

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I think it would have been funny if they sent back a gilded middle finger back to let everyone know that they were not happy with the offer.

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There is the inherent ooc limitation that the response can only contain that which can be spared from PD kit or can be made or acquired within the hour turnaround of the ritual.