Eternal Interactions

Hi, I was wondering how likely it is to interact with Eternals while not being a mage, I have read that a few Eternals tend to favour mages; while I love the idea of being a battle mage I much prefer to use a sword, if you could use a sword as an implement I would be all for it haha.

Also I know there are various ways to send messages or interact with Eternals through rituals, but when they are in the field can you just walk up and talk to them or are there certain protocols ? and what kind of game can actually be had through Eternals, reading the descriptions I feel like there could be some cool game ideas, but I’m not sure how likely any of that is.

A mage is probably about 50% more likely to interact with externals, but that’s by no means a hard and fast rule, mages just spend more time around magic.

I know plenty of non mage characters (such as my previous character, a priest) who had lots of eternal interactions.

Generally, if you’re doing something that could attract eternal attention, you might bump into one.

If you spot a Herald in the field you can walk up and chat, but depending on the Herald, the eternal they serve and what they’re up to, you might get plot, an interesting chat, politely rebuffed, or possibly even attacked.

Ahh okay thanks for the info :slight_smile: I will just have to hope I do something to get their attention…unless PD decide to make a magic sword, that would boost my chances haha.

Just for reference the only beings that can come through to Anvil are heralds. The eternal’s can’t come through to the real world.

if you want to speak to an eternal face to face you have to go to their realm, which takes a magician, a ritual or a magic item to traverse the gates.

There are some rituals that will let you send a message to an eternal though.


I was thinking of taking artisan (though the 4 points is a bit daunting haha) so I would hopefully be able to make a Pauper’s Key if I had the opportunity to meet and eternal.

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I’m not a mage, and I’ve met an Eternal at a player event. Admittedly, the Eternal in question was kidnapping my character, but hey-ho…

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You mentioned battle Mage. If using a sword is a must do and you did want to be a battle Mage. Then you can always dule wield a sword in one hand and a rod in the other. There are even magic item pairs dedicated to it.

You can always play a character with the mage skill so that you can more easily interact with eternals but put on normal armour and use a sword for fighting. A lot of ritual mages put on clank to fight in battles.

If it is the battlemage part that appeals, unfortunately rod physreps are hard to come by but it could be worth shopping around to see if you can find one you like fighting with or, if you have a very strong idea for what you want. commissioning something.

If you only want to be an artisan for that reason, magician is only 2xp, and that’s enough to get into the Hall of Worlds. You don’t need to learn any other spells or rituals. Mages can still fight with swords, just not use as an implement for casting. If you take ambidex you can use both at once.

I have never seen or heard of a herald attacking someone for trying to speak to it. It makes no sense from a game design perspective to send in plot NPCs which stab anyone who tries to interact with the plot! When they are stabbing people there’s a reason.

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With Artisan you do get some other cool stuff for your 4pts. You get 3 other items to craft (of which you will start with 3, with each item having 1,2,3 seasons of use depending on power of the item) and the ability to make Artisans Oil which repairs Shattered weapons and shields.

I did think about dual-wielding a sword and rod but with mages not having any resistance to cleave or impale and potentially getting killed by a cleave to the chest I would definitely like to either have a shield for defense or staff for range and no I wasn’t planning on taking Artisan just for the key, I like the look of the skill for both practical and roleplay uses :slight_smile: I think im most likely going to stick with sword and shield, then maybe after a few events I could think about taking the magician skill.

And as an added artisan question, I know that if you have a free item slot you can find someone in the field to ‘teach’ you how to make that item if they are present, while still being free to choose a different item, I was wondering if this works for artifacts; so if I had all the required resources and illium and I found someone who knows how to make a certain item could I then create an artifact version of that item with them being present, without ever actually ‘learning’ how to make the item myself?

Cleave would only do 1pt of damage to your chest, it’s impale to the chest that will drop you, but you’re not wrong that cleave is the nemesis of many a Battle Mage as you have no resistance to it unless you blow some xp on hero points and relentless.

Dual wielding mage bravo types are cool and being able to make your own kit make sure that you can get them as I’m not sure how available the dual mage/warrior weapons are.

You could be an artisan/battle mage from the outset, if you took something like Greensteel Bracers, A crafted rod to give you a spell, a shield and some mage armour

If you have a free slot you don’t even need someone to teach you, you can just have been “working on it for a while” and then pop down to the GOD tent and use the computers to learn that item in the slot.

Items (apart from one particular ritual) are normally made in downtime between events, you put the materials plus illium in a bag and hand them in and then you can put making the artifact as a downtime action. I think you might need to email PD as well as artifacts have some special properties that you need to define. I think the only way to temporarily know item recipies is to use this night ritual and that works until the start of the next event.

On the wiki it says a blow to the torso with cleave will cause the target to lose all hits?
and ahh thats my mistake, I do remember reading that ritual and must have got confused as to the temporary learning of an item, thanks again :slight_smile:

Cleave and Impale are the same, the only difference is that cleave is blocked by medium and heavy armour, while impale can only be blocked with heavy armour. You still always take a point of damage though.

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Yeah thats what I thought, so a cleave to the chest would drop you in mage armour?

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Correct. This wiki page has a full description of every call and how it interacts with armour/reacts to being parried/etc.

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If you wish you could cast spells through a sword, are there any swords an artisan can make which have calls that replicate spells? I don’t know much about magic items and the wiki seems to be down (and very difficult to search for that sort of thing). I have a feeling they tend to be more along the lines of replicating hero point abilities.

Yeah non mage items tend to be fairly dull in comparison to the mage items that an artisan can make, mostly just using hero calls, extra endurance or using a heroic call without knowing it, unfortunately there arent any swords that can cast spells, but it would be cool if PD did introduce that kind of item, so you could be more like a Dragons Dogma type battle mage.

To be honest. The current artisan items are pretty sweet. The only way that PD will introduce items would be through player led action with a Runeforge (and anything that breaks the fundamental rules of the game will be rejected in a similar way to arcane projections). Speaking of fundamental rules, they generally are there to make sure the game is balanced. Your not likely to be able to cast in armour (which seems to be what your getting at) as that would nullify the weakness of mages (namely their susceptibility to heroic skills like cleave).

There are magical weapons that can let a warrior make spell calls through spending hero points such as:
The Magistarte’s Grasp is a polearm that can be used to entangle enemies’s_Grasp
The Troll Hammer is a two handed weapon that can paralyse
The Woodcutter’s Axe is a two handed weapon that can used to shatter.’s_Axe
But for game balance reasons these are expensive and all limited by hero point availability because you’ve got around the massive disadvantage of mages. They also tend to be on the larger weapons which are more unwieldy to use, again for balance reasons.
Overall the game seems very much built around mages get lots more calls, can use them more often and have magic items that give them lots more calls but have less hits and no arrow/cleave protection while Warriors have the hits and protection but a much smaller pool of hero points and heroic calls and you just have to accept one choice or the other.