Eternals and what they can do for me

I have finally plucked up the courage to show my face on here. The next few posts will probably all be mine and you will most likely get sick of me very quickly so you have been warned.

Now my introductions is done, I would like to ask two questions related to Eternals. How do you get them to help you in an arcane projection and is it possible to involve one in your backstory?

The reason I ask the first question is because I’m looking at an interesting/fairly powerful effect that would be gained from a new ritual. I’ve seen something sort of similar and it used an Eternal. I assume mine may also need one so I just want to know how I would go about doing this.

I ask the second question because of my ever growing and complicating back story. I had an idea that someone in my life made a deal with Lashonar to use its affinity with portals to help me escape from something.

I hope what I have said make sense. Thank you for your time.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Given that there’s months till the next event, we are happy to froth, theorise and speculate for ages, so getting us sick of you could be difficult…

I have little experience relavent to these queries, one of the more Eternal-bothering folks will likely be along shortly.

However, I’d caution you not to have to large and complex a back-story. While an occasional hook in the background you submit to PD (of the “look, you can throw plot at me” type) is often useful, remember that the most critical things that should happen to your character should be on the field.

A bit of backstory to weave you into setting, maybe a story that you can tell, that’s all you really need. From there, wait till before the event, check out the Winds of War/Fortune, and find one or two that your character will have an Opinion about. And then you have conversation openers, something to discuss with other characters, and you’re off.

Do not write a small novella of backstory. Or a short story. Or even a vignette. A quick character sketch is usually fine.

I am happy to read and critque backstories.


Thank you for such a warm welcome.

You make an interesting point but I have sort of backed myself into a corner with my backstory. There are a few people on the field who are mildly interested in my backstory and so want to know more when I come back.

As I go along, they get to learn a bit more and slowly unravel this mystery with me. It isn’t anything major, nothing that would bulldozer the main plot, just a small thing related to a single character.

I’m also not really making much impact on the field other than asking questions and making mistakes (a bit like my normal life) so there isn’t as much interesting story there but I hope there will be soon if there is an opportunity. That is what Empire is all about, opportunity, and that is why I love it.

Thank you again.

Your best bet for this is to try and secure an audience with the Eternal/one of its Heralds with a clear agenda of “I want your help to create this arcane projection”. There is a lever designed for this sort of thing - the Plenipotentiary power of Archmages. Your best bet is either to become Archmage of the relevant Realm yourself, or try and convince the incumbent that your idea is worth the use of their power.

Bear in mind that an Eternal is almost never going to help out without getting something in return, and that they’re extremely unlikely to do anything outside of their sphere of interest/activity. If you’re going to try and enlist their help, I’d bear the following in mind:

  1. Read up on the Eternal, and ask others for details of what that Eternal’s been up to of late
  2. Have a strong idea of the sort of aid you want
  3. Prepare something you could offer the Eternal for its aid.
  4. Be prepared for the Eternal to ask for something else entirely
    5.Be prepared for the Eternal to offer you something which isn’t exactly what you wanted

Yes indeed, but the overall theme here is “less is more”. Don’t write anything that requires contact, because it’s very unlikely to happen. Don’t use the Eternal itself when one of its Heralds would do, and don’t use a Herald where a human/orc agent working for a Herald would do.

Otherwise, as Geoffrey says, a backstory on the system is mostly to ground you and give potential hooks for Plot Writers to involve you in Plot. Your background will be reviewed by a team who check for consistency with the game world, but there’s no guarantee that anything will be picked up by the Plot team.

Without knowing the details, I couldn’t comment too directly on this, but having what exactly happened with an Eternal be both undefined and happening to an off-screen NPC is probably a good idea.

I would be careful about the “portals” aspect - Eternals can’t teleport people, and though someone might have been able to escape into a chamber (a pocket dimension accessible through a site of magical power called a regio), they would only be able to leave it the same way they came in.


It is unlikely that I can become an Archmage as I have specialised with any realm, instead I have opted to get a point in all of them. I may be able to persuade one to help me though. This piece of information has been very useful so thank you.

I may try and find out if I can do it without an eternal but because it is quite a powerful effect it is likely to need one, also I have a second arcane projection I have been told will most likely need an eternal to work, so either way, it seems I will have to deal with one in the near future.

With my backstory, I don’t really want to throw out too much as that is what makes my character special. I have the ideas ready but I’m going to wait until people ask me if I have found out more.

I think your idea of using a herald instead is a good one because if I ever some how do meet Lashonar and it is mentioned that we have had previous dealings and it just looks confused and says ‘no’ then I may have a problem.

I will have to think about portal aspect. I might remove it or I might work around the problem of just basically just popping out for a bit. Does time flow at the same rate inside the pocket dimension as it does in the real world or is threesome difference?

Thank you for your very detailed response, it has been very helpful.

If it helps the only portal that allows you to travel distances is the Sentinel Gate in Anvil, opened at the summit by a mage in Anvil, but you (or your ancestor) could have been brought through that gate to safety by other imperial citizens as long as you were also an imperial citizen. So we have had people write into their back story that they were rescued from Reikos back to Anvil.

Otherwise as Emmanovi said a regio can only open a portal to a pocket space, usually affiliated to the realm for that regio, which would possibly make it easier to meet a herald for that realm, but your exit route would be to the same regio. Travelling to a realm itself is usually fatal as far as being able to play your character goes, and also un-virtuous as your soul may not get to the labyrinth, so is an unlikely choice for an imperial citizen.

As far as I am aware (mostly for the ability to physically represent it) time spent in a pocket space attached to a regio or the Hall of Worlds (fancy large pocket space attached to the Anvil regio) flows at the same time as the real world. May not follow for the Realms, or the Eternal’s view of time though.

NB in most cases you are unlikely to meet the eternal themselves, most only communicate through their heralds.


Do you know what would happen if the regio was destroyed that the pocket space was attached to? I assume you would be stuck but maybe I’m wrong. Do you know why the Sentinel Gate can allow you to travel larger distances with it? I think I might just forget about the portal thing but thank you for the response it was very interesting and informative. I may use some of those ideas another time.

The sentinel gate was built a very long time ago, using powerful magic. If you want to know more, you need to investigate it at a game.


Going off the wiki entry for Wind of Mundane Silence:

“Any portal attached to the regio is also destroyed; this usually means that any chamber or hidden realm associated with the regio is also destroyed.”

Honestly: No! The Sentinel Gate doesn’t use Realm-based magic, and it seems to be able to avoid the limitations of ritual magic and allow teleportation as per this wiki entry.

As @thresher suggests, this is potentially something to investigate in-game.

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Looks like I have something to do next game instead of annoy my friend’s chapter. Thank you, I think I will look into that. Even if it doesn’t prove useful, I think it would be interesting.

Okay, so having the regio destroyed is very bad, noted. I will not include anything like that in my backstory and I will try not to do anything to the hall of worlds while people are inside (I have heard stories of things going boom in the past).

I think the OOC reason for the gate working as it does is because it goes from The IC area to the OOC area so in IC terms, there is effectively nothing there(ish). This would mean I would not be able to replicate something like that in a ritual unless I take an axe to one of the fences and shout ‘behold magic has given me access to a strange new world’ to which the PD staff would probably give me a good talking to and I would have to pay for the damages. However there is hope that maybe I can find away of doing it of screen because more impossible things can happen if you can’t see them.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I think that I might talk to one of my friends and see if he wants to join me in looking into this sentinel gate as he has expressed an interest in portals.

If you do want your character’s background to feature an Eternal or Heralds, please get it run past the PD backgrounds team ( ).


I will do that but I think I have been convinced to try and avoid including an eternal or herald in my story if I can, I think it would be safest. Thank you for you advice.

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where is that on the wiki? just curious about the metaphysics of the world

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From the Lineage page:

“No matter the circumstances of your birth or the way you came to possess lineage, your character must have been raised in the mortal world. Humans cannot survive in the realms themselves. Mortals who claim to have visited a realm have in fact visited a chamber - a place that exists part way between the mundane world and the realm.”