Evening Festivities

So we newbies have all heard of The Narvar’s famous evening gathering and sing a long (as well as Varuska Baby:) but how about the other nations? What does each nation get up too in the Twilight hour? what are they renown for in the field?

Looking forward to the next concert, excellent hosting by the Dude’ess, and hopefully get to hear some song’s from all the nations in Empire.

All the best…


At one point, I believe the League boasted quite a few drinking establishments which all opened onto the same stretch of ‘road’ and was therefore the best place to start or end any serious pub-crawl. For a while, we also had a tea-shop for those who preferred something warm and non-alcoholic.

Right now, I am not sure any of them still exist. I might be wrong though…

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Every nation has at least one bar or tea shop, usually at least two. Are you looking for a list of shop names? I do believe there are a few people who run Anvil Bar Crawls.

Hey Kai, hope you’re good in Morocco,

I mean more in terms of ‘theme’ of a nation. As Unconquered who diligently follows the way, I don’t really drink alcohol, maybe 1 or 2 as I prefer to remain fully vigilant and keep my wisdom:)

For eg, does Dawn do Carole type dancing followed by a love story or something.

I Know Highguard does the memory of the dead and march through camp with the torches, but is there something more they do nationally in the evening.

Do the Halls of Wintermark gather for a feast and get blind drunk from their horns and end up getting into friendly spars.

I can imagine the league having bars and balls.

etc…Or does everyone keep to their campfire and do their own thing.

Firstly its going to depend nation to nation, event to event and group to group.

There are definitely still ‘game’ things going on: The synod is still voting, Conclave often runs late, there are frequently skirmishes that go out in twilight and even after dark.So its not like everything stops as soon as the sun sets.

There are numerous national celebrations that happen in the evenings on certain events: The Varushkan night Market, the Orc Pilgramage, etc.

Then you have the more normal gatherings, not I can only really tell you what I know. I tend to spend most of my evenings either at the Hospital or in my Nation, Urizen, normally in one of the larger lit tents. And people who don’t think through the Urizeni brief or who have misinterpreted it are often very surprised by what they encounter…


League evening culture tended to involve a cocktail bar and a couple of pubs, but we do have a theatre and the cicisbeos, whose entire thing is showing you a good time for money but are really more at the well-connected guide end of the ‘escort’ spectrum than anything too adult.

Actually, for someone outside the League, hiring a cicisbeo for the evening is a good introduction to League culture. You are hiring a companion who will know the best bars, which theatre performances to visit, who to chat with about your spare mana crystals or need for a few wains of white granite.

I really hoped to introduce coffee-house culture to the League, people meeting up to do some work, and it did seem to work for a time. Politicians would meet over teas and hot chocolates, business deals were finalised, certain types of diplomacy happened under the tables. Sadly, the tent was expensive and lighting it proved very difficult in the end. Maybe that is something to revisit if my budget ever improves or if we get a more permanent site.

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To clarify, that happens on the Saturday evening of E1 only, not every night. Just in case you were expecting it every night!

Highguard has its own bar, and a lot of chapters tend to gather around a fire pit in front of their chapter tent and chat. We also visit each other’s firepits. There’s also a love of singing in Highguard, especially surprisingly bawdy songs.


Yes, clearly states it in the wiki, should of been more clearer. How about other nations, Like the Brass coast, Wintermark, Varushka,The Marches?