Event 3 2014 - Lost and Found

Hi all,
I lost two drawstring pouches at the event. One was brown and full of little silver bird pendants (nothing else). One was thick black leather and had some liao/cash and possibly some non-game items as well.They were both lost on the IC field, the brown one Friday night and the black one early evening Saturday somewhere on the path between the tavern and Varushka (via the Brass Coast). Neither had made it to GOD by 4.30 Sunday. If you picked one of these up and/or found it amongst your stuff when packing up please let me know you have it. Feel free to keep the IC resources but I’d really like the other props back. Thanks,

Found - a throwing knife with a tiny red sticker on it was left at the Green Shield tavern in Wintermark,
It was handed to lost property at the end of the event.

Found - a really cool little orc doll or poppet with (I think) a top-knot of long, black hair was found lying next to our camp (the Auric Horizon). Handed into GOD at the end of the event.

Found - a shaker with a sun and moon design and a curved handle, by the entrance to the Auric Horizon camp. Didn’t make it to lost property, please let me know if it’s yours, I have it safe :slight_smile:

Lost - a large webbing ‘large pack’ with straps. Last had it in the Marcher camp on Friday night after a few drinks.

Looks like this:
militaryhistoryworkshop.co.u … 08_009.JPG

And I believe is 1943 dated on the inside. If it had any beer inside it when it was lost you are more than welcome to it. Unfortunately only realised it had been misplaced after getting back home.

Lost, a medlock dagger with a blue handle and the medlock symbol at the base of the blade.

LOST: Battle from e3 I dropped my dark blade gas mask, the rangers mask the one they sell for a tenner that goes with the rangers coat. lost on the battle field.

Lots and lots of daggers in GOD lost property. Don’t remember that one specifically

LOST: White linen shoulder bag looking like…

Containing a notebook, pencil and several pouches. Plus about 35 measures of Dragonbone, 18 Mana, a few thrones in various coinage, a complete set of rune counters… and about £20 of OOC cash.

Obviously, I don’t expect most of that to be seen again (and anyways… the character that owned it all is now deceased), but I would like the OOC stuff back if it’s found.


I’m still missing my shield which went missing at event 2.
It’s a round centre boss wood effect shield. So pretty generic and blends in well…
It was taken from next to the pile of shields in monster. It could easily have been thought to be a monster shield but even then it should have come back, at least by this event.

I remembered several times that I needed to collect the wooden pawns from the General’s Tent… however, I never actually did so.

I hope someone rounded them up, put them back in the big black pouch (which somehow holds them all) and put them into some bit of kit where they come back to the next event.
These really helped to visualize the strategic picture and weren’t cheap enough that I’d be happy with loosing them all at once.

Lost on Saturday afternoon - one bamboo saxophone, straight style, sopranino. It’s in a brown hard cardboard tube with a gold sticker that says “sopranino” on it, sticker is diagonal. Tube contains instrument and fingering chart.

Rummaged in Lost Property on Monday and it hadn’t been handed in. If it turns up, I’m very keen to get it back.