Event 4 2013 - FROTH

So by far and a long way this was my best event so far. The last three events have suffered from the usual blues of having to learn the way around everything and then being so busy I didn’t really have time to role play.

*Finally really getting character headspace
*Seeing how many people I could traumatize with my terminal dyingness. Dying wasn’t on my event plan but it was good fun to eek out every little bit of horrid I could from it.
*All the hilarity with dying and hence the amount of people that took this as an excuse to touch Septima.
*All the other roleplay around urizen personal space issues.
*Loosing poise at opportune and inopportune moments. “Excuse me while I lose all poise and go stab this thing…… No wait…. it’s fine” [sits back down]
*The College of Virtuous Pursuits for the incredibly tasty toasty and a very welcome chance to sit down and just do some social roleplay.
*The Pathfinders and Eternal family for the food and water when I was just about to hit the fall over point.
*Rodrigo for being crazy enough to actually head towards the shrieking her head off urizeni warmage and then putting up with her being generally crazy.
*My group. It has been a blast role-playing with you all. Thanks for all the wonderful putting up with me never being their and trying to take things off my plate when I was obviously failing.
*Urizen for being a wonderful nation to be part of.
*The military council. It was great to have got to the point where our meetings didn’t take forever and we could just deal with the issues that needed to be dealt with.
*Not having to deal with the trice accursed ambergelt baton after Friday night.
*Seeing everyone lined up on the battlefield and looking awesome. I personally prefer fighting in the woods but the battlefield lineup looked spectacular so it was great to see it out in full for once.
*The synod getting up and throwing its weight around. Really lovely to see that imperial body starting to do some awesome stuff.

*Dying – I’m kind of apprehensive that I’ll now have to go through the two/three events of slow build up to being in a position to have this much fun again.
Which kind of seems a lot of time/effort considering how much of a hard time I had finding fun at events 1 and 2. Auto death to two venoms when on two hits also wasn’t exactly a fun way to die
*The sea of mud does not go well with kit made of long robes
*I think I have ninjaed all off battlefield cameras for 4 events now which has led to no photos of my not battlefield kit.

So, Empire Event 4:
The Bad:

  • Only three members of the Company being present.
  • It was muddy, rained a lot and got really quite cold on Saturday night. Oh well, these things happen

The Good:

  • Absolutely everything else. Ok, now for some highlights, in no particular order.
  • Hitting the field on Friday night and almost instantly going out on a really fun quest which had a good mix of a bit of combat and puzzle solving. Lots of fun.
  • Conclave politics meaning that I got around a lot more camps and got to know a lot more people.
  • Little Owl, the best apprentice ever and almost certainly the Arch Mage of Night in a few years time.
  • Experimental magic working far better than we had thought it would.
  • Plot, mysteries and intrigue everywhere. So many layers of history and so much depth to the world.
  • A wonderful meeting in the bar on Sunday morning with the Cardinal of Vigilance and the ex-cardinal of Wisdom that should lead to both experimental theology and a lot of game.
  • Volodny.
  • Pretty much everyone I interacted with at any point during the event. I continue to be impressed with the constantly high standard of roleplaying at Empire.
  • Heralds all over the place looking brilliant and doing all kinds of interesting things.
  • Watching a very ill advised spontaneous ritual in the Hall of Worlds and being horribly amused when it went exactly as badly as I had thought it would. Yes, I am a bad person.
  • Finishing the event with a very close run vote and achieving the goal I had spent the last two days working towards. Definite victory for Ambition there :slight_smile:

This is the man who stuck his head in a giant man-eating plant. Something even the briah was too clever to do. :wink:


This is the man who stuck his head in a giant man-eating plant. Something even Isolde couldn’t be challenged to do. :wink:[/quote]

fixed that Drac :wink:


This is the man who stuck his head in a giant man-eating plant. Something even Isolde couldn’t be challenged to do. :wink:
fixed that Drac :wink:[/quote]

Oi, I resent that, he got there first, I’ll be faster to stick my head in stuff next time!

…Now I really have to write a froth post, damn you

New character, new event!

Not perfect - I had some slow moments, possibly due to foolishly deciding to be a Merrow despite the fact that I often have to kick myself to go out and have fun - but a good time was had, and I know what to do to move towards Optimal Fun; Percival’s character arc may be moving from “demure and in distress” towards “subtle and quick to anger”…

However, specific fun!

*Dawn, you were lovely! Hanging around watching the fighting was fun - I’d enjoy getting involved, but I wanted to give you guys someone to rescue…
*The House, and a Test of Mettle that encourages me to do stuff but doesn’t constrain my methods - should be some long-term fun there.
*Our new Egregore is amazing, and the opportunity to fire off a curse or two relating to her ongoing plot is very welcome.
*I turned into a snake. It didn’t help. Wonderful roleplay from my end, and I think I gave some other people some Fun Moments with my little freakout…
*Corvus! Thanks to the Archmage for doing stuff and things, and I look forward to a long future association (unless we get killed by a vengeful Summer Eternal next event, which would also be awesome).

Fun should continue for Quite Some Time with this one. Terrifying arcane power here I come.

So yeah, what an event.

First up, I’d just like to say to all the people who have enraged, annoyed or generally caused Corvus a headache IC, I love you all OC, you are doing amazing stuff. Corvus raging at you is not me raging at you :smiley:


  • The Auric Horizon as ever; we’re going from strength to strength. Double Archmages with full Staff-Waving Action! I no longer have to suffer the mockery of my Spiremates alone! :smiley:
  • The wider Urizen nation; again I didn’t get as much time to interact with more of you as I’d liked, but I do love our nation of Poiseful People.
  • Apparently being the most Dawnish of Urizen.
  • Speaking of Dawn, thank you so much for letting me orchestrate the Cathan Canae tournament; I was particularly impressed with the singing! :smiley: Dawn in general was awesome to interact with.
  • Egregores; Menos remains Top Egregore Owned By The Horizon’s Babies and the new Dawnish Egregore is very awesome.
  • Three Archmages in a tent and the chain of greeting that followed.
  • The Conclave managing a really quick meeting on Friday.
  • Conclave politics.
  • Civil Servant Everwatch and your continual efforts to help the whole Conclave thing work smoothly.
  • Roaring with fury at the Conclave on Sunday cos of the letter I got handed mere minutes before. Making my own baby daughter cry as a result (oops).
  • shakes fist at Handful of Dust I’ll get you for this!
  • The Night Herald who the Archmage spent part of Saturday night talking to, that was one of the most fun larp conversations I’ve had and I look forward to future negotiations!
  • In fact the entire Eternal game and all the other Heralds I met - the Meraud Heralds fangirling about their boss, the Summer Knight, etc. In particular, the thing that got dumped on me less than an hour before time-out. The Eternal game is tricky to get into and, even as Archmage, I felt a bit that the first three events left Corvus without any Eternal interaction in which he was important due to being Archmage, rather than right-place-right-time. This new development has absolutely cured that feeling :smiley:
  • My first traumatic wound card! I shall keep it and treasure it.
  • Monstering is huge fun. I particularly like the bit where, playing a barbarian Draughir, I got Stay With Me’d by a hapless Imperial who mistook me for a Wintermarker or something, then wandered round behind Imperial lines for a bit before picking a target.
  • The use of the forts and the field battles were awesome, especially the way all the ritual magic was wonderfully folded into the Saturday battle.
  • Lovely new mage armour (thanks Pufferfish) and having it save my hide in the Sunday battle too.
  • A growing awareness of lots of plans and plots and schemes going on that are doubtless going to start to work, collide or fail in hilarious fashion. I can’t wait to see how all this player-driven madness works out :smiley:
  • I get a massive kick from seeing all the fun and plot that people are having with the various rituals etc that came from my submissions before E1; in particular how the whole Celestial Library thing has utterly taken off in grand style :smiley:
  • Generally all the little meetings I had with people, the various encounters and discussions, whether talking virtue with a Highguard priest or theorising on supernatural monsters in the Hall of Worlds.

I am probably forgetting a ton of stuff and people from the above. So much awesome at this event. As for the negatives:

  • Argh bastard mud and wet :frowning:
  • I came to this event with a big list of objectives to get done. Unfortunately the list was too damn long and I simply couldn’t do them all, leading to some frustration. Lesson learned.
  • Sadness that a plot team mix-up or something happened and I couldn’t speak with Awesome Night Herald again on Sunday as we’d arranged. Oh well, hopefully next event!
  • There were some issues around the battle with unsafe fighting. I was alright but heard some complaints from other people, which is saddening.

It really feels like Empire has found its feet with this year and the pace and depth of the game is growing in fantastic ways. There are still teething issues and I’ll be sending in my thoughts and feedback, from a single player’s point of view, what seems to have worked and what has not; but I feel content that PD are going to be working hard to make everything even better, and am really looking forwards to next year now.

Oh, so many plans for next time.

awesome event all round in no particular order

Tourneys not just the senatorial but also the one to impress an eternal
The wife abusing/healing me after I got a traumatic in said tourney
The wife pulling out stitches by force when I irritated her later
The politics surrounding medic who helped heal me and weddings

DUELING JOTUN TO SEAL THE TREATY - highlight of the event, was literally buzzing for hours after

due to said buzzing being told ooc damn you for being already married by a lady of dawn.

Mud and wet and having to find somewhere to dry my bell tent post event
Earl doing his leg in again and being out of combat for most of the event

Quotes of the weekend:

  • “I think your orthodoxy’s getting in the way.”
  • “That can’t be from Xavier, he’d never use the phrase ‘wacky scrapes’.”
  • “Are you engaging in physical contact before battle?” “Yes…?” “sigh Carry on.”
  • “That reminds me, how is your wound doing?”

People (not everyone, but the ones that come to mind first):

  • Visionaries and Team Quantum Leap - you make up so much of my game and it’s great to see what you get up to, and what you take away from it.
  • Gatekeepers - for the same reasons as above, and also for making me discover the one thing that poiseface doesn’t prevent. You glorious bastards.
  • Hywel - whenever I could find him, at least. Record keeping team go - we need to discuss metaphysics more often. And a very cool Synod judgement too!
  • Xavier, the most notorious member of our Spire - Paul, you are doing sterling (and often hilarious) work. Also THAT INSIGHT.
  • The rest of the Spire - for tea shop, awesome pre-battle rituals, drink-and-Night-magic-fuelled hijinks, keeping poise under pressure, failing to keep poise behind the Poise Screen, multiple different eye-bleeding rituals, bizarre religious effects, and somehow all surviving the event.
  • Cyrus - for Urizen ballgowning, being partners in orthodoxy and Courage (and Wisdom, but I think Courage was more in evidence at some points). I think you made at least 50% by volume of my fun at the event, maybe more. :slight_smile:

Fun times:

  • Introducing Fiducia and Eleri to each other having shown them each others’ pamphlets. WHAT HAVE I DONE
  • The metaphysically coolest testimony yet. We may have jumped up and down with glee. :slight_smile:
  • Somehow not drinking more liao than the human constitution can handle. Things learned: physrepping liao with diluted Ribena is very tasty. Physrepping liao with neat Ribena is appropriately disgusting.

Little things:

  • Finally getting to Conclave when there were people there! And joining an order.
  • Eating on the field. IC eateries are great because I can get some food without worrying I’ll miss anything.
  • Seeing people’s ritual roleplay and preparation. Cooler than I’d expected and good to watch what effects and props people brought out.


  • Rain on Thursday when I was putting up my tent in the dark, combined with a pole that just wouldn’t connect with a peg for about ten minutes. Really really unfun.
  • But thankfully Kelpie had space in her bell tent for the night so I could sleep in the dry and clean the water out of my tent the next morning.
  • So much mud. Soooooo much.
  • My nice new very elven-looking shirt did not get any mud on so I don’t have to take it to the dry cleaners. :smiley:
  • Dear god my feet were cold. Slightly leaky boots in the mud did not help.

Very keen for next year, and for player events over the off-season, and even slightly keen to clean my boots and cloak…

Cracking event. In spite of the weather, one of my best larp events yet. But then I always say that.

Top moments:

  • The rest of the Gilded Horn. Such scamps!
  • Getting another approved visionary through the Gatekeeper council
  • A very shiny hat
  • Fancy new robes to wear
  • The Second Imperial Salon being another success!
  • The Assembly of Ambition is a great place to hang out
  • Xavier being perfectly awful as usual
  • Trying to break the poise of the Gatekeeper council’s scribe (“I can see a smiiiile”)
  • The Hall of Worlds is a great place to hang out
  • The cheers in the Senate building as the Senator for Skarsind was announced
  • Dee di dee dee De di dee de Tassato
  • The death of my father. The terminal rules are completely awesome.
  • Varushkans!
  • The Brass Coast teahouses.
  • The general assembly getting a greater majority
  • Angelo giving me that look. Every time we spoke.
  • Mysteries from the Autumn realm…
  • The results of a vision quest
  • And much, much more!

A briefer version of the one on facebook, bwim “more coherent”


  • Mud.
  • Putting tent up in the rain leading to a slight flooding incident
  • Mud
  • Being much too cold sleeping on saturday night
  • Did I mention the mud? (nothing like Maelstrom 3 last year but still…)


  • Angering the gardner of the Imperial rosegarden. Made all the better by this occuring just as everyone returned from the battle. Escape provided by having to treat the Egregore.
  • Frequently being found by other pcs who wanted to talk about Plot and gettign to be sporadically useful in regards to this
  • The Foxes, every single interaction was Joyous
  • Getting to write a permission note
  • The tests of House Novarion - glorious fun to watch and “help” in (selling smut to Highborn? … I’ll get my physick bag…). The stories that came back from this were amazing
  • Serious and useful discussions with highborn all the while knowing that smut peddalling is going on in the background and that is the only reason you went into the tent…
  • Watching the Dawn vs Urizen battle of wits (whoever ends up drinking the blade venom loses)
  • Having a locket full of blade venom hidden down the front of my dress (I am very easily amused). Later gave this as a favour, later saw this used in aforementioned battle of wits.
  • Awkward conversations with Earl Deon. Leading to increasing bluntness and the deadly insult “you’re as bad as Clarice and Isolde!” (This was subsequently challenged over :stuck_out_tongue:) Fallout including abject panic at the Jotun honour fight and an inability to make decisions.
  • Trying to persuade Clarice and Isolde to go drinking, failing, having to talk to a troubadour instead, trying to talk to one troubadour and ending up with sister (also a troubadour) and weaver coven “helping”. The shark-like turn of Bedevere’s head was terrifying
  • Dawnish culture leading to speed ballgowning, including awkward conversations and a mad dash across the field to deliver a healing potion before the skirmish
  • House Novarion.
  • Forming a complete list of order of treatment priority for the house. Which is only going to end Badly
  • Balls in a Jar

Ooh look, a forum! :mrgreen:

So I’d been spending the last three events having a good time and thinking this Empire thing was pretty cool but also thinking I was probably missing something. That something turned out to be DAWN!

After going squish at Event 3, three of us ex-Urizen types decided to wander in this time as what amounted to a Yeomen adventuring party (Rogueish scoundrel! Clanky fighter! Sparkly mage!) and see what we could get up to. Turns out, the answer is “A whole lot of fun”! Things started well when we walked into camp and then within approximately one minute, were leaving to go on a skirmish. It just kept getting better from there.

I had easily as much fun at this one as many of the better Maelstroms. Fantastic stuff.

+This ‘group’ - You guys are brilliant. More evidence that the recipe for maximal fun is to come up with some interesting characters, walk onto the field with little to no plans, no preconceptions and a positive attitude and just see what happens.
+Dawn - just…yes. Since the first mood boards went up, Dawn has == Empire in my head. Getting to actually be a part of that is wonderful.
+Bard showcase! There should be more of these!
+Special props to the AMAZING Orc bard who made up a song about us. You are the coolest dude I ever did meet and I still have no idea who you are or what you look like OOC!
+The ‘almost tasteful’ smut, followed by the ‘oh.’ smut.
+Damsels! Oh, you guys. Percival going naga and then trying to cast a spell against SUDDEN SENSORY OVERLOAD was wonderful to behold.
+IC bar crawls! Especially the orky bar crawl on Saturday night. It still amuses me how just goofing around IC can be SO MUCH fun and make so much game!
+On a similar note, hearing “I have never been this drunk in my life!” while walking past the Urizen Egregore :laughing:
+Balls in a Jar. Seconded!
+The battles. Open field with the fort - oh hell yes. Looked fantastic, felt more battle-y, and there was enough room to safely and carefully swing a greatsword without resorting to flicky-blows or getting caught on branches!
+Duels and tourneys and GLORY! Especially the Iron Duke’s challenge. Wow, that was tense and looked fantastic!
+A last-minute surprise from Lord Novarion. Huzzah! Mortaine practically bounced off the field!

-Rain and mud sucks, especially the oh-so-demoralising time-in rain. Not much anyone can do about that one, sadly.
-Some reports of poor battlefield safety. You can’t escape the occasional unlucky bad blow, but c’mon guys. Take it slow, look awesome, have more fun, be safer. Win!
-The event ended, and the next one is so far away! Waaaaah!

Glorious stuff:
Telling off Urizen mages for doing stupid stuff in the hall of worlds
Pulling out the husbands ic stitches in a fit of changeling rage.
Thinking up the most fiendish challenge for myself and lady Isolde
Balls in a jar (that’s where they are)
Firepit being worth lugging all the way to the Dawnish camp.
Cheap hardwood for sale.
Meeting the knight of summer and Lady Griffonswing.

Inglorious stuff:
being very damp
Not waterproofing my cloak due to time.
The rave I could hear in the early hours on the ooc field.
Adam putting his knee out again.

Re-posted from Facebook because I’m too lazy to retype it:

Empire was brilliant. I’ve finally hit “busy all the time” which is great.

Usual caveat - I’ll have missed a million things because my memory is utterly terrible. Everyone was awesome and I’m sorry if I missed you out!

-DAWN! New Egregore! My household! You’re all amazing.
-Birthday bar crawl. Everyone who dressed up looked awesome!
-Getting involved in romantic drama-type roleplay, and playing a character who gets crushes on loads of people. Normally I avoid this type of thing like the plague, so decided to give it a go at Empire. It’s awesome fun. The General’s tent is full of fabulous heroes to crush on. Stop being so awesome all of you!
-Not knowing what to say when General Erkenbrand said I looked good in the leather and chain, other than “I’ll wear it lots if you like it!”
-No-nonsense Anwar “Doesn’t the sky look romantic, shall we go have sex?”
-General Ruth’s thankful smile. Whatever I do, it’s worth it for the smile weak knees
-Tanhouser (spelling?) As if the smile wasn’t enough, then he went and hero-posed on the battlefield as I walked over to him. Zero to full-blown crush in one turn of a shoulder. Floree tried to think of something witty to say as she walked over, but all she could manage was “Hey Tanhouser, shall we go fuck up those orcs?” Smooth Floree, real smooth. wince
-The battles were both really epic, the open field was awesome, and the fort was really exciting to see, I was especially impressed by how different they’d managed to make it look to the arena it normally phys-reps. Awesome work PD!

-Oh god the weather. Oh god the mud.
-Foot-slogging all the kit off site to my car, in the rain. A huge massive thankyou to Tim, Hannah, William and Phil for their help with the tent, I’d never have managed it alone.
-Being so tired on the journey back that by the last hour I was really unsafe to drive. Made it, but holy hell.
-I, once again, failed too eat properly and stay dry, so I was freezing cold all event. Ice-cold feet are not fun :wink:

Best bits:

Inadvisable rituals - first traumatic wound.
Doing a second ritual - ‘to see if this also causes us to bleed from the eyes’
The Library
The feast of the Broken Wheel - Although I need to be fitter for next year if we’re going to chase the virtues all the way around the field.
Also - hehehe :slight_smile:
The battle - the fort, the bangs from the ritual, the endless waves of orcs.
Having to look after the rest of my group after they got cursed
Hearing that we might be in a little bit of trouble with the Summer Archmage.
The Jelly

Cross-post from Facebook:

So, here are my highlights from Empire LRP event 4:

  • Sleeping in the van! Not something I’d want to do every time, but a good choice this event.
  • Going on my Mark Wilkin-sponsored tour of the Nations, advertising a meeting, and successfully trolling an entire Navarr standing.
  • Getting a steady job as Senate guard, alongside Tin Leper King. My first session involved barring six Senators from entering because they were late. The next day, a priest came along to Witness us. I like to think that means we’re doing it right!
  • Crewing the Saturday battle was good fun, especially as I got to fight Will Carver et al. and give them a good stabbing (before dying like a filthy barbarian)
  • The quest to the Magic Rose Garden with the Foxes and Dawnish support from Grayson and Rosie was excellent fun. It started off tense, had some nervous comedy moments, and then it all kicked off and it was brutal hell on earth foolishness. Of note: blowing half my hero points to get Isolde back on her feet and fighting-fit, before blowing the other half on double-stacking Unstoppable to avoid horrible death.
  • Later, seeing an interesting note outside the Senate that I thought Isolde would be interested in. Taking it off the board to take it to her. Finding her in the middle of something. Getting bored, leaving, and pinning it back up where I found it. Go go magic Briar powers!
  • Going with other Leaguers to deal with some bandits. Witnessing a murder. Chasing Peter down whilst clad in chainmail. Having the Worst Day Ever and losing my shiny new Warden’s Bardiche. Getting typically Briar about it all upon my return.
  • My profound discomfort and confusion about having accidentally done some politics.
  • Seeing the resolution of the Fiona Mudslider plot (…or is it?) and successfully avoiding being implicated.
  • Witnessing a Wintermark ritual and Daniel summarising it as “it’s just dramaturgy, innit?”
  • Fighting in the Sunday battle. As ever, the pre-battle psych-up session (known as our battle prayer) is an amazing part of the event that really gets me in the right mindset. Add to that singing our filked version of Least Of My Kind as we waited (and again as we walked back) and it really helped me get my head in the game.
  • The battle itself was lots of fun, albeit that the open field made it way easier to duck out, get healed, and return to the fight. Fox heroics really carried us through, and I particularly enjoyed it when a hydra/dragon thingy ran away from us when we charged.
  • Guarding a Senate session in full armour before heading straight back out to deal with Filthy Hippy Peaceniks. Loved it!
  • Returning to find out that Gabriel had been made General. An absolutely brilliant end to our first year at Empire!

There were a few low points, mostly my own fault - forgetting to eat dinner on Friday night, not sorting my leg harness in time for the event so it limited my pace to Battle Stride rather than Leg It! - but PD’s side of things seemed to be vastly improved over where it was at Easter. I still don’t have much cause to interact with refs but when I needed one (for someone else) they were easy enough to find. I found myself feeling a bit bored on Saturday night, but that was because I was sitting down around a fire (in lovely company) rather than Going Places and Doing Things. I think I need to tout for more business next time, to give me specific things to go and do.

I absolutely love playing Empire with Team Fox; we’ve really come a long way since our first meeting about a year ago. We’re doing really well at pushing our group goals and having fun in the process, too. Here’s to more of the same (but even better) next year!

Whoa. Heavily pregnant before event one, and knowing I wouldn’t be able to make it until event 3, I’d written off politics, and my original idea of a senate-based character, for a quiet life(!) in the Synod. I assumed I’d not be able to crack into politics once the game had begun.


The hots:

  • Angelo at the hub for dealing with everything with speed, grace, and awesome. I’m (not) sorry that I have a better hat, and I am sorry for stealing your dinner.
  • A really short Assembly of 9 which ended with a bunch of Cardinals running for the door.
  • “We only have two-ish hours to do this…”
  • “…So have Courage…”
  • “…We did it!”
  • Peer pressure by the medium of judicious applause.
  • The first vote for an Empress!
  • Late night Tyke’s
  • The Assembly of Prosperity. <3
  • Holbucks tea and company. Both top notch.
  • Xavier. He’s not the Heirarch of Whatsamajig, he’s a very naughty boy.
  • Simon’s excellent camping organisation map thing.
  • All the Knights, pilgrims and wannabes of Prosperity. You just kept bringing me game. Thank you.
  • Doing a pre-battle anointing with a real effect in the battle. Couldn’t’ve wished for more.
  • Some people spreading the theory that my baby is Britta reincarnate. :smiley:
  • An OC breakfast conversation about war bonds which has given me a brilliant idea for next year.


  • Getting very little sleep due to baby cold.
  • Being so tired and so immersed, I completely forgot to do the “ref bit” of a dedication. D: Must sort that out. I’d like to get in touch with the person in question and to apologise.
  • Not being able to get cars on site at the end

To represent your overconsumption, I think you should dilute it less and less as the event goes on, so that it starts out delicious and becomes bitter by the end…

or, to represent your character’s apparent addictive personality, you could dilute it more and more as the event goes on, so that it gets more and more delicious…

(Happiness cross-posted from Facebook; grumbling left there!)

Empire was awesome. Here is incoherent squee-ing about things:


~ <3 two Pilgrims of Wisdom, and their slightly “ohhhh what the fuck is this” expressions at being mildly assaulted with sacramental oil and labyrinth related hand-waving.
~ Assembly of Nine told they can’t possibly manage to whip up a greater majority of the General Assembly in two and a half hours? THE HELL WE CAN’T. I made it an hour and a quarter-ish. Was it a good idea to do the thing it did? Who knows. Was it brilliant for many other purposes? Fuck yeah.
~ Having my first knee-jerk reaction of full-blown moral disgust at a Senator who wouldn’t get to the point in explaining why he thought the the veto was bad.
~ New Cardinals - hey, don’t I recognise half of us from some other Synod body now?
~ Camping the Saturday night Senate meeting with much of the Ao9 in case of a need for Action Cardinal Veto Ninja Kick. Grizzling and stomping and grumbling at unvirtuous motions. Shame no pictures - a Cardinals’ set of “I went to the Senate once - It Was Awful” to go with the Generals’ ones would be mint.
~ I <3 Urizen heretics/borderline heretics/very reasonable totallynotaheretics.
~ I also <3 pamphlets.
~ Getting a spiritual traumatic wound, and knowing exactly who to stagger toward for an Exorcism. <3 Urizen exorcists also.
~ The Experimental Heres- ER UM THEOLOGY Group. Oh yes indeed. These are all very good ideas and nothing at all could possibly go wrong.
~ Managing to briefly check in with the guys whose priest game is a Dan Brown novel.
~ Ambition have the best jokes. Fact.


~ Military Council in efficient Get Shit Done mode straight out the gate;
~ Hearing the news about Reikos. Actually crying while listening to the reports.
~ Skaaaaarsind, FUCK YEAH. Relatedly the cheer in the Senate gallery when the Senator for Skarsind introduced herself. Boss.
~ Ahahaha Matthias and Erkenbrand dressed as Floree, holy shit. Sad I didn’t manage to sort my Bill costume out.
~ Nooooooo warmaaaaaage replacement has a hard act to follow in Septima.
~ Janusz turning up with the results of his Quartermaster-General’ing - perfect timing, and oh man, well played.
~ People liked the report. Omg you will never get me to stop now.
~ Brilliant tension with the Imperial Orc Generals. Starting to panic a li’l bit when it looked like people were just gonna ignore the subtext there.
~ I got a smile from Ruth! More than once! aaaaaah
~ Discovering the existence of a ritual which could solve my ‘shit, I memorise all these military facts, and then I go on the battlefield, where the Druj have been known to capture and interrogate people’ problem. Awesome Navarr ritualist casting it for me. My poor doctor’s expression throughout arranging this. Riffin is an enabler, yo.


~ Mustering up for the battle! Laura’s battle-choir-leading epicness, and the Cantiarchi opposite us - perfect.
~ Pre-battle banter with Isolde and Clarice. Many apologies for wrecking myself too much to manage the traditional post-battle knife fight! Bloody weather not my friend.
~ The Sunrise canopy looked so awesome at night. Weatherrrrrrrrrr no bad weather leave that alone
~ Novarion singing in camp in the evenings. Wish I’d been in camp more!
~ The Crimson Petals of Whispermere. Ohmygod poor Percy
~ Finally getting to have conversations with Bohemond IC. Bonus!
~ Racing around the battlefield checking in with different relatives in general.

This is pretty much just copy-pasted from Facebook:

Having some of the best IC conversations in my first year of doing LARP, mostly about the trials and tribulations of being Arbiter of the Spire of the Celestial Cascade:

  • Iulian Shatterspire’s quote about people assuming you’re competent because you seem busy. This was later referenced during my second pep talk from that character, much to my delight.
  • Serjanus Shatterspire pointing out Lucia’s unintentionally comical understatements for the second event in a row.
  • Generally making other members of Urizen feel sorry for me :laughing:

Pretty much the entirety of Saturday night, when my IC little brother nearly killed himself with that experimental ritual:

  • The ritual itself was great to watch – I felt genuinely moved and very impressed at Sam’s speaking skills.
  • The true terror when he collapsed with his multiple traumatic wounds; again, Sam’s roleplaying really added to this.
  • The Navaar guy (IC name Ifan Nighthaven) who gave me the magical egg to calm me down.
  • Angsting sibilantly at Aquilian Endsmeet (OC name Stuart), leading to an exchange of backstories and a discussion about the nature of lineage.
  • Taking care of Sophus while heavily anesthetised.
  • The fact that their sibling relationship completely clicked into place for me during the whole business.
  • This exchange:
    • Lucia: You do need to sleep, you know.
    • Sophus (gesturing to one of his many Naga relatives currently curled up having a nap): You guys do all the sleeping for me.
  • Also this one:
    • Conclave member (to someone else): Don’t get blood on the Hall of Worlds!
    • Sophus: Too late.

The battles:

  • Monstering as a human, so I didn’t need to remove my glasses!
  • The ‘We Heard You Had An Empress…’ song, which remains stuck in my head.
  • Battling as part of my Spire, rather than as a small skirmish group.
  • Our Captain getting concussion and forgetting that spire-mate Caius was dead was suitably heart-breaking.

Further exploits of the Spire of the Celestial Cascade:

  • Two of my Spiremates putting themselves under the influence of a night ritual which essentially makes you drunk, and then getting actually drunk IC. I much enjoyed following them around trying to stop them getting in too much trouble, and making them apologise to Phoenixreach the next day for their behaviour.
  • While I was initially frustrated at having to put our tent outside the Urizen camp because of limited space, it actually led to some really cool IC discussion as to whether it was a logistical error or if the Cascade had been kicked out.
  • Discovering that the nicknames of ‘The Cascade of Heresy’ and ‘The Heretical Tea-shop’ are, in fact, IC now.

Miscellaneous good stuff:

  • The memorial service was wonderful.
  • Being one of the covens to answer the orc’s call for magical aid before the battle.
  • Being invited in to Phoenixreach’s tent with my two IC cousins, and immediately having a collective Naga moment and stealing the seats.
  • Witnessing the Broken Wheel festival only AFTER all the other strange things had happened, and having a momentary Blue Screen of Death as Lucia tried to process it.
  • Observing the ‘battle of wits’ between Marius of Auric Horizon and a House Novarion Knight Errant.
  • The political cartoon in the Pledge very nearly made me break character and burst out laughing. Leviathan in a party hat. That is all.
  • Waking up at not-unreasonable times (at least by my standards).

Bad stuff:

  • Mud, as we all know.
  • Neglecting my OC needs – however there was Andrew to bring me food, so I ended up eating beef stew in the Hall of Worlds.
  • 6 months until the next Empire!