Event 5 tent planning

Hello again,

time to start the ball rolling for event 5! For those who don’t remember … new tents go at the bottom of the list. If a tent is attending turn the line green if its not coming to event 5 only then turn red and if it died in the grisly weather of 2013 or will never return then delete the line.

As a new fangled idea I think we should maybe name our tents like houses and have nameplates. IC names only but they can reflect your groups ethos by being serious or daft (IC daft that is, i.e the Bear pit or Compagni Barracks Ein ). IC signs would be simple and make us so unique.


Dunno if I will have a nameplate but “Luiz’ Briarpit” does have a certain ring to it!

go on… make a nameplate. A bit of wood and paint and voila! The League will look amazing if everyone puts in a tiny bit of creativity. Plus you guys are coming up with some great names.

Having an address on a campsite is so Urban and If we pull it off will be very unique. Lord knows there’s going to be a lot of tents in the league this year.

please take a look if you haven’t done so yet!