Event Dates for 2018

My work have released the holiday rota for 2018 and the Summer months fill up quickly, especially on weekends so if I hope to attend any events next year I need to submit my requests ASAP. Does anyone know when the events next year will be?

Provisional dates for next year would be super helpful

Unfortunately dates are only finalised during the winter, for release early in the new year (at least that is how it has always looked).

Maybe send PD Empire an email directly? They might have more of an idea then they outwardly let on.

Sorry I can’t be of more help!

I think the best you can do is look at the dates for this year and plan accordingly. PD simply won’t know until their sites are confirmed and that happens in the winter.

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For me it’s really easy to cancel holidays but not so easy to get them. I’ve been lucky this year and I can handle “temp dates”

I agree weekends are precious to my company and have to get permission to book a Saturday off.