++EVERYTHING HAS RHYTHM++ Conjunctions E2 2018


There’s no flavour text here I’m afraid; rather there are a list of sixteen conjunctions (some in groups) that have been identified on the Sentinel Gate for the coming event.

You can find them here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Everything_has_rhythm

They include

  • Soldiers from the Iron Helms in Spiral driven mad by the Black Plateau. Rampaging. Salvagable? Maybe.
  • A meeting on the southern edge of Spiral to finally recover the body and accoutrements of Dogri Thulebane from the Grendel
  • Bands of Jotun scouts threatening to locate the Pride of Ikka’s Tears - the mithril mine in far northern Sermersuaq. Algar of Ashenhall in particular might want to read this opportunity carefully.
  • Chances to strike against the remaining invader orcs in Madruga
  • More news about the Feni bands raiding in Hahnmark and Upwold
  • More opportunity to deal with the frozen drowned dead in Sermersuaq
  • Chances for attacks against the vallorn in Liathaven, with the aid of a crtain hot-headed eternal
  • Opportunities to attack the Druj and rescue prisoners

There’s also some opportunities to volunteer to do some monstering roles.

As always, we’ve provided as much information as possible about the conjunctions, especially how many people can go through the gate for each one. Depending on the number of skirmish crew available, the size of the conjunctions might be increased between now and the event. They will be fixed Friday afternoon at time-in. Please check the conjunctions early Friday evening to confirm the gate size!

The photo is from Oliver Facey who has just put a huge gallery of pictures up over on his facebook which you might enjoy.

Theres one or maybe two more WoF to go and then we’re done. Nearly there!

So, we can’t do all 4 join-in skirmishes?

Are you referring to the volunteering slots for monstering? I’ve had a quick read and can’t see anything that would say you can’t monster both blocks - but you could double-check this when you go to monster for the first one?

16:30 till 17:50
17:30 till 18:50

Ah, yeah, that sounds like you can’t then. It might be possible to go out a second time if you were already kitted and briefed, have a chat to the crew when you turn up to volunteer but 20 minutes is quite a long overlap.