Excitement, Adventure & Really Wild Things

[With kind thanks to Mark Wilkin for his invitation to post this here…]

Do you have a dull weekend ahead of you? Nothing much going on?

Well, the Vale has a small problem - a huge over-abundance of orcs, goblins, undead and other beasties who want to come along and play, but can’t get onto this weekend’s event because numbers are capped to create a balance between the two sides in the game, and there is a shortage of Knights, Nobles, Pirates, Beastkin and other assorted folk wanting to kick their asses.

Booking can be re-opened for these folks, but ONLY if there are enough players in the Northern Alliance Duke’s camp to allow it.

If you fancy a scrap, like killing undead, orcs, and other such gribblies, fancy going up against the forces of the Khan, and would like to play in a 170 acre sandbox, where there are no organised linears, no “times” for adventures, but you can go out, collect resources to help your side win the war, kill the Khan’s forces, and generally be awesome whenever you want, and however you want, come join us.

Loads of opportunities for trading, dealing, scheming, plotting and planning, too…

Booking here: majesticoaklrp.co.uk/vale/events.php

More info here: facebook.com/groups/valelrp/

You know you want to

Questions should be directed to Mark Corley & Jonathan Ely…

For the record posting adverts about other games in Off Topic is absolutely fine :slight_smile:.