Bit confused by the wording on Exorcism and the conflicting way the wording seems to interact with the bit at the top of the Religious Skllls page.

[quote] Exorcism

This skill can be used to remove dedications, excommunications, annointings and similar effects from a target person, object or area. Whilst some auras can be replaced with a stronger aura, others, such as testimonies, excommunication and possessions, can only be exorcised. Any priest with the skill can participate in an exorcism - the more priests that participate in the exorcism the more likely to be able to take down the effect. An exorcism needs to equal the strength of the aura to remove it. Each exorcism ceremony must be directed at a specific mark or aura. [/quote]

Emphasis to highlight the bit that has me doubting my original thoughts on the question.

Given the size of some of the auras I’ve seen in play and the difficulty I could see in working towards removing them (being part of a relatively small virtue assembly) I was wondering if the highlighted part means I’d been wrong in thinking and that I can actually cooperate with any priest I can find with the right skill?

edit. I realise the wiki page is a placeholder so the contents aren’t to be taken as set in stone anyway.

Our group has quite a lot of exorcists (Go Go Battlefield Exorcism Team!) and we’ve been informed from above that you do all need to be the same Virtue (or of none) in the same way as the other priestly skills.

Which is a bit of a shame as my solitary Ambition Exorcist is bang out of luck, being surrounded by Exorcists of Wisdom and the Way in the Cenotaph and I took Exorcism for that precise purpose.

It works the same way as everything else; priests of the same virtue as the leading priest as well as priests of the way can assist with an exorcism; if its lead by a priest of the way, then only priests of the way can assist. The way to get round the big numbers is to use the rituals, potions and crafted items that help - its not entirely unreasonable for an individual priest to bring 6 levels of exorcism by themselves for one-off things.