Expanding webbed-foot undershoes for mud

I wondered if snowshoes or similar might work well for mud.
So I had a look on the web, and found that snowshoes can help (they reduce the sinking-in) but they have a tendency to get stuck.

But I found these “mudders” or “mudder boots”… strange things that spread out as soon as they start to sink, then shrink back again when you lift your foot so you don’t get the suction that often tends to pull your boots off (or would hold onto snowshoes).

Frankly, I think the mud at Anvil probably wasn’t deep enough for these to have been useful, but they’re intriguing things.

Two retailers in the UK:

See the contrast between the man sinking into the mud and the man walking on top of it: Mudder Boots / Mudders - YouTube
There are various other videos showing them as well…

And they could probably be dressed as IC, or it’s probably not that hard to make very similar things from IC materials (perhaps wood and leather).

Only for a high-lineage merrow…

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Funny! I didn’t mean them as a character’s feet!

A show can be called anything you like it to be, but it’s only as good as sole. What you need is a sole with a widespread tread. I have both snow boots and wellies I use my wellies at empire and has no issues with the conditions. The soles on the are virtually identical. Aside from insulation properties they have very little difference. They are from the same company and use an identical sole. Yet my wellies cost a fraction of the price.

Other thing to consider is depth of tread most shows are a few mm, some wellies goes to cm and snow boots about 1". So a good tread on wellies will work just as well and will cost a fraction of the price.

They look great inventions, but in honestly I’m here for that video on their website.