Experience (xp)

Just a query about experience (xp).

I know we get 1xp for attending our first event of the year and another 1xp for attending our third event. My question is; When do we ‘recieve’ the xp? Is it at the start of the event, ‘as soon as time in occurs’, or is it after the conclusion of the event?


Pretty sure it’s at the end; with the uptime learning thing, getting it at the start would basically be equivalent to starting on 9xp, with your first character at least.

That’s what I’m thinking, it’s just a friend is planning on everyone getting theirs at the start of the event.

Thinking about it, XP appears at about the same time as downtime opens, so yes, I’m fairly certain it’s that way.

As always, for a solid answer you should email it in.

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their first event. Players who attend three or more events in a year get a second point to spend on new skills after their third event.[/quote]

Emphasis put in myself. Thanks Tea, that’s what I needed.