Experienced Player Looking for League Coven

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine; who is not on the forums, is looking for a coven for his new leauge character, likley to start at E4 or E1. They are at presently unset on realm, but seem to be keen on Night, Summer or Autumn.

Are there any covens looking to be taking on new members around that time? A short OC summary of the group would also be appreciated.

The Four Rivers Theatre: night coven and (obviously) theatre troupe… we’re not necessarily seeking new people, but we’re open to possibilities. It depends on how we get on, in terms of personalities, what we want from the game, things like that.

At present there are four active members.
My character has been at every Empire event, occasionally alone, but usually with at least two others.
Our first priority each event is to do at least one performance.
I bring a nice big IC group tent and a variety of masks and things.
As well as theatre there’s music: between us we can do violin, trumpet and singing.
Sometimes we get involved in Conclave stuff and other goings-on: the different characters have their various interests.
Some of our characters were born into the troupe and some joined as adults. A player creating a character as part of the troupe could choose to play a recent or long-standing member, possibly a relative. (We’re not a camorra but there are a couple of long-running family strands.)

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I know you said your looking towards Night, Summer or Autumn - but if it at all takes your fancy - there’s a emerging Winter coven in the League you can join called the Waining Eye.

Other than that, I would also highly recommend the Four Rivers Theatre for Night magic.