Explain empire

Hi I’m new to empire i here off a friend it is pretty fun I know it might sound stupid but what actually is empire

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Empire is a Larp system and setting. Larp stands for live action role play. As in other role play games you have a character which interacts with the world but unlike in table top games you don’t have dice or other randomisers you simply act it out.

It runs four times a year and the game covers what happens at the solstice gatherings of the heroes of the empire as they face the political, mystical, spiritual and military problems which endanger the Empire and its Ten Nations.

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Empire is a Live Action Role-Playing game. The hobby is sometimes abbreviated to LARP.

Empire is thus a LARP game which takes place several times a year, 4 weekends in a summer, mainly.

Ah, Ricohard has covered that, let me find you an informative video as well.

Empire is sometimes referred to as a “festival larp” in that it takes place in a field full of tents with thousands of people (yup, passed 2000 last weekend).

It’s an ongoing story, so things have been going on for years now, with characters coming, going, staying, rising to power and/or dying with various degrees of glory.

What the characters do is improvised in play, so things change and the story changes based on what the player characters do. This allows a great deal of involvement, not to mention all the character bouncing off each other for hilarious/tragic/wonderful/lethal results :slight_smile:

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I would also suggest having a look at this series: Empire "Retrospective" Podcast Video
They are very informative, and do a great job at giving an idea of what there is to get involved with in the field.

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