Fabric cutting implements?

Hey all,
Long story short; if I’m posed with a situation where I need to cut some fabric/string/twine during the event, what sort of tools are allowed?
I wouldn’t have thought scissors wouldn’t be particularly welcome because they’re a relatively new advancement and making them look at all rustic is far beyond my ability, but I’d have also thought that just bringing a knife would be a bad move, so I’m a tad stuck…
If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this that would be fantastic.
Thank you.

i’ve seen both in play. For myself I have my embroidery scissors which do have ornage handles and my trusty victorinox penknife on me, but as both are only pulled out to do the job and then put away no-one has ever commented.

There are a few people with small IC knives. As long as they have a good sheath and don’t go anywhere near a fight not a problem.

There are IC scissors or snips available. Chows Emporium usually has basic snips for sale for not a lot which will do for cutting thread or string.

Otherwise I would just look out for black handled scissors of the right size and keep an eye on them. Useful things like scissors get borrowed!

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There are lots of OC tools around, just be subtle, and keep sharp objects in a safe place so nobody hurts themselves by mistake.

That’s great, thanks guys.

Scissors/shears have been around for a long time:

…but as LauraH says, people do bring real OC tools, such as sledgehammers for big tent-pegs, saws and axes for firewood, knives for preparing food and other uses, scissors for whatever, hammers and chisels for woodworking. It’s just a matter of keeping things safely put away when not in use, and making sure no-one might grab one if in an IC panic for a weapon (so a knife with an obviously plastic handle might be better than a mediaeval knife).