Facebook and Other Places to talk Empire


The official Empire Facebook page can be found here:

]Empire LRP/:m][/ul]

In addition to the nation-specific forum boards below, there are a number of (unofficial) Facebook groups for the various nations. These are:

]The Brass Coast/:m]
]Imperial Orcs/:m]
]The League/:m]
]The Marches/:m]

There are also unofficial Facebook groups for the various lineages:

And a number of other unofficial groups related to other aspects of the game:

]Empire LRP: The Militia/:m]
]Empire LRP: Photos/:m]
]Empire LRP Froth/:m]
]Parents of the Empire/:m]
]Empire LRP: Musicians/:m]
]Costume Froth/:m]
]Food Froth/:m][/ul]

There are also various groups for crew communication, including a general Crew group and specific groups for some teams. Your team leader should be able to point you at them if you are a crew member.


The most common tags people use to talk about Empire are

]Empire LRP/:m]
]Profound Decisions/:m]
]Also the general Live Roleplaying tag LARP/:m][/ul]

Remember on Tumblr only the first three of your tags get globally indexed, the rest only apply to your blog.


The hashtag people use for talking about Empire on Twitter is #EmpireLRP


#empirefroth is an unofficial IRC channel that people use to chat and discuss the game. It can be found on irc.esper.net using your favourite IRC client, or click here to access through your browser.


EmpireFiction is an unofficial Livejournal community for personal, background, and speculative fiction about Empire.

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Unofficial group on facebook for un-dedicated priests: Empire LRP: Assembly of the Way