Fair Prices

What would be a fair price, in rings, for 100g of fudge?

If I were you I’d haggle around to begin with to see what people are willing to buy it for before settling on a price. Beside that there’s a sweet shop in the brass coast (they run a side auction) and think they might have an idea. Not sure what the group is called though.

The are the Del Toro’s

Expect rings,maybe a crown.

A throne is veeeery unlikely, unless this is the best fudge in the Empire and you’re a great salesman

5r is Beer Money. You can usually get a pint for around that at an IC drinking establishment. People selling short pamphlets tend to pitch around the Few Rings level too.

I tend to use that as my baseline for working out a rough price for small IC luxuries like fudge.

A Crown is Supplies Money, considering you can sell Liao for 15r to NPCs in downtime and that is one of the cheaper IC resources.

I possibly overcharge for my mead however it is a luxury and people pay a large amount for the best wines…

Honest prices, not fair. :wink:

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You’re not overcharging if they buy it. The important bit for the IC goods game is making it worth your time, because you are here to have fun. You may be overcharging if you get bored of trading before you sell all of your stuff.

Whenever I’ve sold goods it has been as a means to get people knowing my PCs name or talking to him so I can push an IC agenda. IE Come For the Erotic Literature, Stay For the Farm Enchantments!