Favour physrep

Good morning! I’ve been reading the wiki again, and this time I’d like to talk about costume/props. Specifically, what exactly is a favour, physically?

[quote=“Dawn Hearth Magic”] Favours

A favour is an effective talisman that can ward off curses and the pernicious influence of Eternals but only if worn openly. The greater the affection that the donor feels for the recipient, the more effective the Hearth Magic becomes. Favours are also sometimes used to deliver curses, and there are plenty of tales of a stolen favour bringing ruin to the one who loses it. [/quote]

I have a few of these kind of badges anyway, and was wondering if they were suitable? lionheartreplicas.co.uk/shop … egoryID=85 Especially the mythical beasts and hearts ones. I do feel uncomfortable putting holes in other people’s costumes - maybe pair with a ribbon to be tied onto the arm(our) /around the neck?

What kind of things have been used so far?

Flowers, necklaces, embroidered ribbons, bracelets, rings, intricate bottles.
The form of the favour is not so much important as the fact that giving something to a loved one and them displaying it has power.

Herts, In De Rondell we use those kind of pilgrim badges and fantastic beast badges as favours. It kind of fits our blinged up and shiny ethos while still allowing favours to be displayed openly and consistently.

Most favours I have given have been things I have been wearing that I have taken off there and then and given to people, so a locket filled with poison, a phoenix bangle and a house symbol necklace. For the whole “spontaneous show of caring” thing, which is now makign me want to wear ribbons in my hair for this purpose.

That’s kind of where I’m thinking, coming at it from the other direction. Making sure I have lots of bits and pieces that can be given. I don’t wear any jewellery IRL - not even a watch - so I keep forgetting to think about it for characters.

Alas I lack the hair for ribbons

I love those badges - have used those, necklaces or other shiny jewelry, ribbons or strips of cloth, and flowers :slight_smile:

A question I should probably get other people’s opinion on:

Magic sword as favour - legit?

To my mind no unless it was made for them or is in some way more personalised rather than Generic.

So having crafted it from the shattered remains of their dead lovers weapons or incorporating a piece of their their nobles houses founders sword etc. All of this is fluff rather than having a specific phys rep requirement.

See your point - I think my personal inclination is that the level of specialness you want is a bit higher if you have to get someone else to make it, so an artisan can probably get away with “I spent a month making this for you” but someone else can’t spend a month of someone else’s life doing same without a bit of extra effort.

Naturally this leads to hilarity if they don’t accept it.

(This may perchance have something to do with the fact that the character I’ll be playing next event is an artisan…)