Favourite Emperor/Empress

All righty ya’ll, this is for the most well-read of Empire frequenters, but which is your favourite emperor/empress and why? You can choose anyone from the First Empress to our current leader. Emperor of white granite for the win…

Nicovar, because I love mad Emperors being put down by their own guards and all the drama that goes with him.

Varkula because she’s a super spooky maybe-still-undead Empress that continues to impact game even today.

Varkula, may her return be swift and vengeful.


Ahraz. Man of principle walks into a snakepit, stands by his word, and gets ruined by it. It’s a nice tragic story.

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Richilde. Exemplar and Paragon of Pride, demonstrating that Dawn and the Empire have to be more than their weapons and armies. Also a rocking Test of Mettle :slight_smile:

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