Favourite Photos of Winter Solstice 2017

So now that a big chunk of the photos for the Winter Solstice event this year are online, which ones are your favourites?

Here are a few links to the albums I’m aware of, please do link to more if you know of them.

Beth Dooner’s photos

Tom Garnett’s photos

Adam Heritage’s photos

Steph Morris’ photos

Nick Meredith’s photos of the Saturday battle


I can’t pick favourites or I’d be here all afternoon.

There’s something about this one that I really like though. I think it’s the movement and the ‘now’-ness of it. (Tom Garnett)

I also like this one, mainly because my character likes that horse. I also think it’s clever and made me look twice. (Tom Garnett)

And finally, this is a fantastic character in gorgeous kit holding an amazing prop. (Beth Dooner)

(Also, I love the two of Renata that have surfaced from this event, but I’m not going to link them here because I reckon they are my favourites because they are of me. :wink: )


Likewise I cannot be contained to but one or two photos :slight_smile:.

I didn’t manage to make the day of the dead procession this year so I’m glad Beth caught this shot of it.

I love the costume and colours here in this one by Beth.

I love the light in this one by Tom

Some great warface in this shot by Tom.


And finally this one from Steph Morris has such marvelous side eye :slight_smile:.