Feasibility for playing a philosopher orc

First time trying to get into empire, not sure if I will this year due to Covid but I wondered how it would go down if I played an orc as an archivist/philosopher. I don’t really know howI’ll build my character yet in terms of function but no matter what I choose I’ll probably try to rp this idea.
Any suggestions on builds, warnings or other nations where the idea would go down better are appreciated.


Well it’s entirely on brief for the Imperial Orcs, who have Writing as part of the Hearth Magic. I can also see a lot of game in chronicling the stories of items of Worth.

Also there’s been a lot of discussion of “What should an Imperial Orc be?” and related questions as they recently acquired land. This was the result of discussions around Cruelty and this is a Wind of Fortune where the question of Imperial Orc identity is discussed. If you go through the various Winds of Fortune from the recent history page and search for “Imperial Orcs” you should find a bunch of stuff on this, Synod Judgements from the Imperial Orc national assembly as well.

So there’s game to be had there :slight_smile: .

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Speaking as an Imperial Orc book nerd who has been writing and archiving books for several years now (this game made me learn how to bind my own books! it is the best), I can absolutely say this is a thing you can play. There are some excellent and fun ground to be covered with regards to the written word and Philosophy.
The great thing about both these things both books and talking about philosophy is that they do not attch themselves to any certain skill set, they do not limit you. You could be an archer an artisan or a magician - I am a magician and a physik myself but do not feel like that is the path you have to take. Its worth reading what skills take your fancy and building the things together from there.

Also be sure to look into player projects like the Anvil Library?

Very happy to help me if you want a longer chat via messenger or some such.