Finding Eden- Game 3 (Brighton)

It is half past nineteen. In fifteen minutes, it will be time for your selected leisure activity. After that, you have a full and refreshing night’s sleep scheduled before tomorrow’s day of rewarding work for the benevolent World Government.

Except that you’re not going to be sleeping. You’re going to be fomenting revolution.

Maybe you want to overturn the stratification of the Society, so that people are no longer genetically engineered to fit the caste they’re designed for. Maybe it’s the World Government’s ruthless suppression of any knowledge that might upset its citizens that you oppose. Maybe you’d just rather be the one in control. Whatever the case, the World State has to go, and on the newly-colonised planet of Eden, you and your party are trying to build a better future.

It’s not going to be easy. Four other political parties are all trying to do the same, and even worse, you’re going to have to cooperate with them to keep the Government off your backs.

Finding Eden is a live role-playing game of politics and survival set in a dystopian future taking its cues from works such as Brave New World, Farenheit 451 and Brazil, where the populous are not merely oppressed but kept blissfully ignorant of their oppression. The game features politics, intrigue, backstabbing, brainwashing, Science!, a brutal combat system and the threat of an ever-vigilant foe.

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Next game is on Saturday the 3rd of may from 2pm till 10 PM.