First thing that a new player at Empire Larp should do?

What the first thing that a new player at Empire Larp should do for their first time as a larper? Also I am attending in Autumn Equinox - 13th Sep to 15th Sep 2019.

Go to the new player meetings on friday. Also there’s a practice skirmish on Friday before time in so you can learn to fight safely.


I would suggest getting there early (thursday) if possible, to set up your tent, chat with the other folk in your nation, and do a spot of shopping for kit and weaponry etc.

Then you can also get some weapons practice in (if appropriate), and go on the practice skirmishes and meetings as thresher suggested.


Also do a quick tour of the field and get your head round roughly where you are in regards to useful and important things, like the Sentinel Gate, senate, Hub, Weapons check, GOD, nearest taps and loos.


Of course if you can’t turn up early and end up turning up at time in then ask around and find your nation. They are your people and will be your base of operations for the weekend. From there, you can find out basically everything you will need. Also it is a good idea to talk to the Egregore if you are unsure. Here is a quick idea of the layout if you have to just jump right in, I have never seen this change:

There are two main ways in. The first is by the navarr who camp in a forest. You can tell it is a way in because there is a big track covered in bits of wood. There is a toilet outside it in the OOC (out of character) area.

If you keep walking forward, with anvil (the setting of empire larp) to your right, you will find another long pathway. This will be at the other end of anvil. All of the anvil is behind this. It leads down to G.O.D (game operations desk) where you get your character pack. Inside will be a sheet, with your stats and ID, and your money and resources. You can also find help here if you need it.

First aid is next to G.O.D, just by the gate. All of this area, before the Gate is still OOC.

Once you are through the gate, the main road should lead you to the kit shops. They are all together and are some of the biggest tents. You can’t miss them because all of their wares are visible.

If you are a mage you will want to find the hall of worlds and the regio. The regio is marked obelisks. It is usually at the edge of the field somewhere. I think that all of the important tents which contain things for everyone, are at the edge somewhere (except the pubs).

The OC stuff has already been covered - arrive in good time to set up, attend the New Player Meet, etc. - so I’m gonna touch on what to do after time in.

Different nations kick off differently. Varushka for instance can be quite chilled and informal, while the Marches has a formal muster to get everyone on the same page about news and broad nation-level goals. Also, absolutely introduce yourself to your Egregore - they will be able to point you at the game you want.


IC: find out what festivals are going on and pay a visit.he Autumn event has the Brasscoast Festival of the Broken Wheel and the Varuskha Winter Market.