First time player and Test of Citzenship


I am a relatively new player (my first event was E2 this year) and thus I am still unfamiliar with many things. My brother, aged 17, is considering attending E3 with me and we are both wondering whether he will have to take the Citzenship Test. Looking up on the forum, I have read that the test is taken around age 14-15 and the wiki states any age but “above 11” is more common. I know adults do not need to take the test but because he is 17, he is still a minor? (I assume he also cannot buy alcohol).

You should read this page.


Ahh thank you very much!

I know a few people who joined around 17. None of them have taken the citizenship test. I think it is there to make sure that children are ready for the main stuff. I think PD assume that at 17, you are basically an adult so you should be mature enough to manage. Of course there are some exceptions, some people take the test early because they are ready at a younger age, some adults probably should take the test because they aren’t so ready. I feel it is also down to the money. As the adults are most likely paying for the experience themselves, they would want to get straight into it and they might see having to wait as a waste of money. Those are my thoughts at least. Also with the alcohol part, I believe you can drink from 16 but you have to be 18 to order from a bar, so he would be able to have drink a little bit with adult supervision (something I think everyone needs when drinking)

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Full player rights, yo!
Apart from buying booze, obviously.

Either way, you should both hit up the New Player meet that happens on Friday just before and just after Time-In (If you haven’t already)

It’s all very well reading all the info on here and on the wiki, but once you are standing in the field it’s a different story! I think one of the most important parts (Although it sounds boring) is to make sure you bro is safe when fighting (Pulling blows, not hitting someone in the junk etc). They go through that at the new player meet, and even have a skirmish too!

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