Flavour Text & IC knowledge

Items and Rituals all come with a small section of descriptive flavour text to illustrate the game mechanic and fit it into the world. Should these be regarded as common knowledge (or easily available) for anyone who cares to read them or be more the province of those who can make/cast them?

I believe there is no foip, therefore it is there for whoever is interested.

Anything on the public wiki may be known by any character who cares to know it, if they feel it’s appropriate for their characterisation.

So it would be more probable for people with relevant skills to know it, but interested and well-informed amateurs are entirely reasonable.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the flavour text might not represent a 100% accurate rendering of the actual effects or (pseudo)reality of the thing being entastied. There are at least a couple of… hyperbolic entries in there.

Anything on there is knowable IC, absolutely. We also trawl through text and descriptions for plot ideas all the time, and they’re often free-range for backgrounds as well.

A few of the flavour texts don’t directly represent the game mechanics 100% - they were written by a large team and a few minor things changed between the writing and the publishing but I mostly didn’t want to edit them. That shouldn’t stop you referencing them however as some of them are very cool indeed.