Fleets, Resources and Value (Oh My!)

So, if/when I retire my existing character or he dies a death, I was looking at building a completely different character, this one being a trader with a fleet.

I understand that if they’re set to merc work (the default) they will generate random resources. I was wondering if anyone knew what sort of value they produce, are they comparable to say a business or farm in terms of actual value, or does it fluctuate wildly?

Only the type is random. The production is as the standard resource - although I think they remain as 10 for mine/forest resources rather than the 12 “real” ones now are.


There are usually a bunch of modifiers on trading with various nations that appear in the Trade Winds that mix things up depending on diplomacy. Also if you need specific materials then you can chose specific ports.

Also any of the occasional special options (which count as privateering) can have additional complications too.

Plus you’ve also got a bunch of different rituals which can boost fleets depending on what you’re doing. So you’ve got a bunch of options to choose.

I’d say that the resources gathered by setting a fleet to raiding are roughly comparable to the cash earnt from a business. But it’s a random bunch. Set a fleet to trading,and you’ll get slightly less value (80 to 90%), but you get specifics.

Additionally, as mentioned, the following can affect what you fleet brings in:
Level of fleet.
Any rituals on the fleet (Lure of Distant Shores, Blood and Salt, and others)
Any effects on the area being visited (“traders to Asavea will recieve extra Green iron this season”)
Any effects on the activity (“All raiding fleets are suffering from extra Grendel patrols, and will produce reduced revenues due to doing more fighting and less plundering”)

During downtime, you select what you want to do with a fleet from a drop-down menu. Each option has any special effects displayed, and you can click through them to pick out what you like.

Additionally, there are plot missions that you can send a fleet on, sometimes. Cash reward of these varies enourmously :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your replies.