Foam Density for weapons

Hello folks,

I’m finally buying my first sword, and the folks whom I’m getting it from specifies different foams and densities, and I wanted to make sure I’m buying the most appropriate one for Empire.

The polyurethane foam with the 45kg density seems most appropriate. They don’t use the Zotefoams, tho. And that seems to be the standard on the posts I read…

(I’m buying “local” - aka in my country - because buying on-site, during the event, would be obscenely expensive due to the different currencies)

Also, I’m not entirely sure the coating is latex. It looks like a rubber spray or something. But I’ve never seen a latex coating. Perhaps that’s how it’s supposed to look like.

Assessing and safety checking LARP weaponry remotely is pretty difficult.

Do you have any photos? Or possibly a link to the manufacturer?

I imagine that it is nearly impossible to assess weapons remotely. :confused:

That’s why I am trying to at least make sure I am selecting the right materials.

The rest of weapon making looks fine. Fiber glass core, tip safety, etc. But I’m aware that even with all of that, it can get stuck on security. It’s ok.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to show you. I’m buying from two independent crafters that some friends recommended me. They are used to making larp-safe weapons.

But there’s not a single larp store here (cries in Brazilian).

The “standard” in the UK is LD45 plastazote closed-cell foam.

You’ve already had the recommendations, but I really want to re-iterate: larp cultures/styles are extremely varied across countries/areas. Weapons considered totally fine in one place may be wholly rejected in another place - it’s not just a matter of construction quality or the like, the underlying risk culture and approach to weapon design can be hugely different.

Buying or even borrowing at the event is pretty much the only way to guarantee you’re getting a weapon that will be suitable for UK style larp use.


As tea suggests, borrowing a weapon from someone for the event may well be the best way to do things.

Which Nation will you be playing with? If you explain your situation, it is very likely someone will be able to lend you a spare for the event, avoiding this uncertainty.

And you will also be able to get a good look at the quality of weapons here, as a frame of reference for buying your own back home…

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You’re right. Even though it is always a bit scary going “empty-handed”, I have to agree with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll probably buy a sword anyways, just so I can have something at home or for other events. But I’ll look for help on the Dawn’s Facebook group. Maybe someone has good old blade to loan.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re playing in Dawn? You’ll be fine.

Even if they weren’t (like most Empire players) keen and enthusiastic types happy to lend a hand/blade to a new player…

Even if they weren’t one of the most heavily armed contingents on the field with more swords than sense…

I’m in Dawn. I generally pack a spare or two for monstering, I’ll throw in a good one for you :stuck_out_tongue:


“With more swords than sense” hahah
I can’t thank you enough :smiley: I don’t know yet if i’m going to this winter’s solstice. Since the covid situation here is still a bit uncertain. But I’ll surely reach our danish colleagues once I know for sure when I’m going! <3

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