Food at Empire 2018

Our first year at Empire (The Giddy Kipper /aka Wrap Shack).

We are teaming up with Conspiracy Catering to offer weekend meal tokens in line with the other food traders on site. You can eat from either vendor with the token. We are looking into pre-booking the tickets so we can guage how successful it will be.

We have an indoor communal eating area, next to Conspiracy Catering and also hope to provide entertainment Fri/Sat evening for your pleasure. We have on board a professional close up magician who is well versed in the LARP world.

Giddy Kipper have sourced… YES VEGAN HALOUMI !!! For your breakfast with portobello mushroom & rocket in a bun.

We will also be doing a bespoke evening meal Fri & Sat in addition to our wraps.

Any feedback is most welcome in order that we can improve our service & provide a (hopefully ) welcome addition to the conglomerate of food vendors at Empire.

Kindest Regards

Clea Von Riche - skipper of the Giddy Kipper (IC) (Rachael ooc)


Keep up the good work. It’s been a delight to have a real choice of excellent veggie food at the events this year.


Thank you for the vote of confidence. I fully intend to & glad we are offering a welcome addition.

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I’m glad you’ll be back again! You sold me some nice food.