Food stuffs that people would likely but

Hello, I am Carrotman, I have been going to empire for a few years now, and I specialise in selling the best carrots in anvil.
However I have been wanting to expand what I sell to other fruits or vegetables. I am planning to sell carrots (as usual), strawberries, chillis and likely peppers.
Is there anything else that you believe people would, or even wouldn’t, purchase.
Thank you for the advice, Carrotman

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I started off selling fruit and veg to make my money! Carrots were always a popular choice as I’m sure you’ve discovered. Generally anything sweet went down well, like cherries, and little citrus fruits like tangerines and satsumas were also much sought after! Apples are pretty abundant on the field but if you sell them for low prices then I’m sure you can find buyers. Something which was a bit more hit or miss but I did find a good deal of people liked were radishes: I found some really varied radishes that were in a bunch of different shapes, sizes and colours which were a lot of fun to tout.

I think I also carried a cucumber around and would cut or peel a chunk off for anyone who wanted some - and I remember that if I sold someone a carrot I also offered to peel it for them for an extra ring.

However, as far as I remember, celery was not a popular choice!


Citrus fruits and cherries are a great idea, I have thought about cucumbers but peeling off slices sounds like the way to do it. Thank you!

There is a significant number of sweet things on the field cakes, fruit, etc, there appears to me to be a lack of savoury stuff, beef jerky etc.